50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

In this post, we are going to talk about things to consider when picking out an amazing 50th wedding anniversary gifts and examples of golden wedding anniversary gift ideas.

simple 50th anniversary ideas

Celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary is a huge success. This means that the couple has been married for 50 whole years. Definitely, they have been through thick and thin. That is a journey of 50 years of pain, joy, endurance, love, etc. So, celebrating such must be done in a remarkable way. Getting such a couple a gift is a lot of work considering the years they are celebrating.


Our gift is to celebrate God’s faithfulness over them for that long and their commitment to each other. As the gift is used to celebrate them, it is also a seed into our future that we will celebrate such a remarkable anniversary in the future. And since another one is not guaranteed considering their age, it must be celebrated well.


Things to Consider

When it comes to buying someone a gift, it is always about the person you want to give and not about you the giver. Therefore, there are things that must be considered before we look at gift ideas. These things will lead us to the kind of gifts to give them.


Age: When you are considering buying a gift for someone, their age is a major factor because what a 30-year-old would appreciate, a 50-year-old may not. In this case, the couple is likely to be between 70 and 80 years depending on when they got married. This means if you will be getting a gift for this couple, it must be something that their age group appreciates.

Personality: When considering something to buy as a gift for this couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, consider their personality. The kind of person they are and what they would appreciate because it is about them not you.

Who is giving: Thinking of a gift for a couple for their 50th wedding anniversary? The gift will be dependent on who they are to you. For instance, if they are your parent, you have more insight into their preference and what you can gift them. You will agree that it is different when you buy a gift for your tutor, pastor, etc. So, the relationship matters and it can determine the gift. 

Engagements: While you are considering gifts to buy for a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, you need to consider their social engagement. This is key and will lead you to how to celebrate with them in the first place. For instance, some may like a big party to celebrate them, while some may like just a gathering of friends and families to celebrate. So social engagement matters up o the kind of gifts they will like to receive. 

Budget: This factor cannot be taken off because it is the purchasing power of the person willing to give out a gift. How much you have to spare for this noble course is a major determinant of what the gift will be. If you are willing to spare $100 for it, you should not scout around gifts that cost $1000. However, you can always get a modest gift that will not break the bank. 


There are other factors that can be put together depending on the peculiarity of the couple. The above-listed factors are the obvious ones. You may add others based on the peculiarity.

Some examples of gifts for 50th wedding anniversary

While several gift ideas can show our love for the couple, and appreciate their commitment to each other for 50 years, we will be listing a few. With these few, I believe you will get more ideas.

Self Portrait: A portrait of the couple in a wonderful outfit will definitely melt their heart. Being gifted a self-portrait is one of the best gifts you can ever receive from people. And having such to celebrate 50th wedding anniversary will make all the difference. It will be great if the portrait can have pictures of when they started and where they are. That will be lovely.

Artworks: Artworks as a gift for the 50th wedding anniversary will be dependent on whether or not the couple like art works. If the couple appreciates artworks, then you can do different artwork to tell their story in a way that will bring them memories. Memories for them at this point are a great thing they would laugh at and thank God for. 

Surprise Party: Throwing them a surprise party can also be a way to celebrate them especially when they least expected it. What will make this gift for them is having people around that they can’t imagine seeing just like that. It could old friends, relatives, etc. People they don’t see on the regular. Then make sure their grandchildren are around. 

A Book: You can write them a book and launch it on the day of the celebration as gift to them. This will take a lot of effort, you will need to be asking them lots of questions about their experience. While this will celebrate them, it will help young couples too. Children can do this because it involves a lot.

Photo Album: You can gift them a photo album specially designed for them. Simply gather their pictures over the years in chronological order. Let it tell their story in a way they can relate with. This will give them memories and I can tell they will cherish this a lot. 

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Other gifts can be cake, printed materials, clothe materials, getaway tickets for tourism or restaurants, cash gift, etc. These other gifts will be dependent on the relationship you share with the couple. If you know them from afar, whatever you perceive is okay for them will be appreciated. That is if they remember you. Remember that these are old folks. 


Whatever gift you are trying to get for the 50th wedding anniversary, it must be something that speaks value to the receiver. The value may be to communicate to their emotion or just something to respect their commitment to the marriage institution. That is the only way it can be worthwhile and they can appreciate it. 

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