50th Wedding Anniversary Prayers

The journey that begins with signing the dotted lines as two people say “I do” to each other is a great one. It is God’s own established institution. It is a journey of happiness, sadness, tolerance, fights, forgiveness, endurance, etc. The interesting part of it all is that it is till death separates them. The journey is not always easy as many people portray it, and it is not as difficult as some put it.

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For a couple to stand together with all of these for 50 years, is not a small achievement. That should be celebrated, and it should serve as an example that marriage works. Our world is filled with so many divorce cases that are not even up to 10 years of marriage. Such an anniversary should be a celebration as well as a teaching platform. Many young marriages will have a lot to learn from this. It is like someone celebrating 50 years of age. It is just that this must have experienced a lot of hits from the devil because of the special responsibility God confers on marriage.

So, on a 50th wedding anniversary, the first kind of prayer to expect which is very important is the prayer of thanksgiving. There must be thanksgiving because a journey of 50 years can not be overlooked. It must have been God. To live with someone, and be committed for 50 years calls for thanksgiving unto the one who must have helped with graces to stay put in lack, affluence, disappointment, joy, etc. 50 years is a combination of all of these and more. Both the couples and the people in attendance must lift up their appreciation to God for the journey so far.

Now is time to pray for the couple. To start with, be reminded that the said couples are no longer young people. If they got married in their twenties, it means that they will be in their seventies. If they git married in their thirties, they would be in their eighties. This means they would be between 70 and 80 years of age. That’s old age already. This understanding will shape the kind of prayer you will pray for them. So, our prayer for them would be centered around that age and the achievement of staying together in marriage for that long. Now, let’s raise two prayer points!

The first prayer is that God would use them to raise great homes. This is the best way they can contribute positively to the kingdom of God. In Joel 2:28, the Bible says old men shall dream dreams. This means it is not finished for them because they are old or that their strength is little. In that verse, the dream being referred to is a prophetic dream. This is a tool for them to mentor and disciple young people. This is why we need to pray that God will use them to model what He wants in young marriages.

So, the prayer will be something like, “Lord, empower them to grow new couples into what you want a home to be.” Let there be great grace to enhance them be a voice to further the frontiers of Christian home building in Jesus’ name. Let them keep bearing fruit for the kingdom of God even in this their old age. Great things they have not been able to achieve for you, let them receive strength to help homes and couples to stay together. Let grace be made available beyond their imagination. After all Moses started his ministry at age 50, their home can still do great things for the kingdom of God.

Another important prayer to pray for these couple celebrating 50th wedding anniversary will be targeted at all they have worked for and owned in the last 50 years as a couple. The prayer will focus on them seeing those things grow, multiply, and making positive impact. This is an important aspect of life that every purpose driving person will pray to see in their life. It is a way of making them have a soft landing with God and that their lives have impacted the world positively in their own sphere. The key thing here is positive impact in the world.

So, the prayer will be something like, “Your children both biological and spiritual will not die before you in Jesus name.” They will outlive you and be to the glory of God in all ramification of life in Jesus name. This prayer point is very essential for parents. It is their joy to see their seed flourish. And every project that you have raised will continue to flourish beyond your imagination in Jesus name. Everything you have built with your hands will not die before your very eye in Jesus name. The works of your hand will be enclosed with grace for growth and continuity in Jesus name.

One important prayer that must not be missing for people of this age group is prayer on health. Normally by this time they would be experiencing decline in health. Some may even have health condition due to old age. It is imperative to pray for them in this line of thought that they would be strong. It is the wish of the Holy Spirit that we continue to flourish as recorded in 3 John 1:2, we pray that you remain strong in health even as your soul prospers. Let there be divine strength such that men like Moses and Caleb enjoyed in his days in Jesus name.

And if there are special health conditions, they can be prayed for too. God still heals irrespective of age. After all, healing is bread of the children according to the scriptures. Irrespective of their age, they are children in the kingdom of God. At least, they are children to God. We can pray for divine healing for them. Prayers can be like, “Lord, visit them with divine healing in Jesus name” Let every organ and system that needs healing be touched for complete healing in Jesus’ name.

50th Wedding Anniversary Prayers Points

Wedding Anniversary Thanksgiving Prayers

  1. Father, we bless your holy name for the journey so far. Thank you for being our strength in this marital journey. We declare that it wasn’t by our power or strength. Thank you Jesus for being our strength in the name of Jesus.
  2. Our God and our father, thank you for everything we have experienced in this marriage so far. We say thank you for everything in the name of Jesus. Thank you for the great moments, down moments, pain, love, etc. Thank you for seeing us through it all in the name of Jesus.
  3. Lord Jesus, we appreciate you for hearing us every time we call unto you. Thank you for saving us in dangerous times. Thank you Jesus for keeping us alive till this moment in time in the name of Jesus. We say thank you that either of us is not dead by now but we are alive to give you all the glory. Thank you, Jesus!
  4. Father, we thank you for all that we have accomplished together in this marriage. Thank you for the better version of each of us that is emerging day by day. Thank you Jesus for making this possible. We declare that this is only possible because you helped us to achieve this. Thank you, Jesus!
  5. Lord, thank you for the growth and help we have found in each other in the journey so far. Thank you that we can stand today to celebrate the journey so far. We can not but give thanks to you our God and father that you did not allow the plans of the devil to come to pass in our lives and home. Thank you, Jesus!

 Wedding Anniversary Request Prayers

  1. Father, we pray that everything you want us to achieve in this marriage that we are yet to realize be made known unto us in the name of Jesus. Everything that you want to achieve through us that we are yet to know, Lord, grant us the revelation in the name of Jesus. Please grant us access to the knowledge of whatever it is in the name of Jesus.
  2. Lord, I pray that everything that is befitting for your glory in our lives that we are yet to have been our lot in the name of Jesus. Let there be a divine provision of everything that will make people give glory to your name on our behalf in the name of Jesus. Let us not miss all the glorious things you have in stock for us in the name of Jesus. 
  3. Father, We ask for an anniversary gift from above in the name of Jesus. That as we commemorate our journey so far as a couple, please grant a divine anniversary gift in the name of Jesus. Lord, we ask for a gift from Zion in the name of Jesus. Grant us a gift that will mark this year’s anniversary for us in the name of Jesus.
  4. Father, I pray that our home will be a reflection of your kingdom on earth in the name of Jesus. That which you have in mind by bringing us together will not be lacking in the name of Jesus. Lord, we pray that as we celebrate another milestone in our marriage, help us to walk into that which made you bring us together in the name of Jesus.
  5. Lord, we pray that every influence and power trying to break our home will lose out in the name of Jesus. Every principality and power plotting divorce or home break will fail in Jesus’ name. Irrespective of where they are planning it, Lord let the fire of the Holy Ghost scatter such gathering and let them fail woefully in the name of Jesus.
  6. Father, we pray that you grant us more wisdom to manage the affairs of our home in the name of Jesus. Lord, we pray that you help each of us to tolerate and help each other where necessary in the name of Jesus. Lord, please baptize us with your wisdom in the name of Jesus. Let our paths be full of your wisdom in the name of Jesus. 
  7. Lord, we ask for clarity of vision for the purpose for which you erected our home in the name of Jesus. Let there be clarity of purpose and direction in the name of Jesus. Lord, we pray that we will not fail you in the name of Jesus. Please help us in the name of Jesus. Lord, help us in the name of Jesus that we may not fail you in the purpose before us. 
  8. Lord, as we look to the years ahead, please grant us good health, happiness, and provision for all our needs in the name of Jesus. Let us not lack good things in the name of Jesus. Father, grant us wealth and health in the name of Jesus. Let us not lack in the name of Jesus. 

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With these thanksgiving prayers and requests, you will be able to appreciate God and also set the coordinates for the years ahead. Please note that these are just prototype prayers that you can pray, it is not an exhaustive list. While you pray these prayer points, please pray other prayers as you are inspired or led. 

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