Prayers to Break Generational Curses

Generational curses are misfortune that has stayed in a lineage over a generation. It may have become a stronghold determining the lives of everyone born through that lineage as long as they carry the same blood. For such to be taken off, it has to be through a spiritual battle because no oppressor would allow its captives to go just by asking for freedom. Freedom must be demanded, if not generational curses would continue to reign.

breaking chains

Remember that these generational curses may even be older than you and your father. So, it knows so much to fight you but you must demand your freedom either by the strength of the Lord or on the legal grounds given by the word of God. In either of the two, you are fighting for victory. Jesus has overcome the world and the victory has been given to us. So, go and have the victory. Below are the prayer points to remove generational curses and claim your victory in Jesus Christ; 

  1. Lord, I want to thank you for the spiritual intelligence that has alerted us of this evil occurrence in our lineage. Father, we want to appreciate you that we are not suffering or wasted in ignorance. Blessed be your name king of glory. Thank you Jesus for making this known to us. We return all praise adoration unto your holy name, Jesus.
  2. Thank you for lifting us up for a time as this to put an end to these generational curses over our lives. Thank you because your thoughts towards us are good and it is to give us an expected great end. Thank you for this great love you have showered on us to liberate us from this evil. Thank you, Jesus!
  3. Father, we thank you for the revelational gift in operation by which you have unveiled the operations of these generational curses. Thank you for reaching out to us to enable us to put an end to the generational curses. Thank you Jesus for being the source of the revelation and we are sure you are making a way for us out of these generational curses.
  4. Every partnership done in the past that sold our lives into generational curses is hereby destroyed by the power in the name of Jesus. Our partnership is now in Jesus Christ through salvation, therefore every proceeds of the demonic partnership seize to operate in our lives in Jesus’ name. Everything about such partnership is broken and shall rise now more in Jesus’ name.
  5. Our lives are no longer part of the jurisdiction of the evil spirit in the custody of these generational curses in Jesus’ name. Our lives are no now in the hands of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Therefore, you evil spirits hear the word of the Lord and disappear from every one of us in Jesus’ name. Only Jesus has full control of our lives and determines what happens in our lives in Jesus’ name.
  6. Father, whatever was taken in the past that has subjected our lives to a generational curse is paid back by the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore, our lives are no longer the ransome of the evil done in the past in Jesus’ name. The blood of Jesus has paid all in full. He did that at the cross. Let no man trouble us anymore for we bear the mark of Christ.
  7. Father, I come against every demonic instituted governance on which the generational curses are operating in my lineage in the name of Jesus Christ. I destroy all instituted protocols and systems empowering generational curses in our lives in the name of Jesus Christ. They can no longer be operational in our lives and lineage in the name of Jesus.
  8. Father, for every path that I am going that, is strengthening the operation of generational curses in my life, please take me back from that direction in the name of Jesus. Help me to find the right path to walk so that I will not keep empowering these generational curses in my life in Jesus’ name. If it is the wisdom I need, please grant me wisdom in the name of Jesus. Whatever that will make me empower the generational curse in my life, please help me do away with it in Jesus’ name.
  9. Father, your word says that even the prey shall be delivered from the mighty and the lawful captive shall be delivered. I hereby come in the strength of your word for we are overcomers by the testimony and word of God, I bring an end to generational curses in my life in the name of Jesus Christ. No more generational curses in the name of Jesus.
  10. Father in Jesus’ name, I come in the newness of life that Jesus has given me, and I put an end to the generational curse over my life by the reason of the sacrifice of Jesus with which I am purchased. Therefore, I am no longer subject to the generational curses in my father or mother’s lineage in Jesus’ name. Only the new life in Jesus is allowed to have an expression in my life in Jesus’ name.
  11. I have changed family by the reason of the salvation of Jesus Christ which also makes me a new being. Therefore, I can no longer be held bound by the generational curses affecting my earthly family. I now belong to the family of the most high God because I am born again. Only the testament of Jesus is allowed to run in my life in Jesus’ name.

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Other prayers to break generational curses

  1. Oh Lord, please reveal every curse running in this family. Let every form of curse running in this family be exposed in Jesus’ name. We have noticed cycles of bad events in our lives, please show forth, and the reasons behind this evidence. Let not any curse secretly damage our lives. Please unmask the curses and let them be known in Jesus’ name. Your spirit oh Lord searches all things, please make it clear unto us.
  2. Father, we need you in Jesus’ name. In a time like this when we are dragged down by the family curse. Lord Jesus, come through for us because we are overwhelmed. Let the curses be cut off in Jesus’ name. We acknowledge our inability as humans, and we seek help from you, the Holy One of Israel. Father help us in Jesus’ name! Father, help us from Zion in Jesus’ name. Only your help can save us and bring us out of this curse, please let your help be abundant on us against this family curse. (Isaiah 41:10).
  3. Jesus, we know that breaking the family curse is warfare, please teach our hands to fight in Jesus’ name. Lord, teach us how to fight this warfare until victory comes. Let there be no more loss to this family curse in Jesus’ name. Father, teach us the right step to take and the right prayer points to pray to secure the victory over this family curse in Jesus’ name. We cannot fight except you teach us and guide us through Lord, help us in Jesus’ name. (Psalm 18:34-36)
  4. The word of the Lord already states that it should no more be heard in Israel that the fathers ate sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge. Therefore, we are a new creation in Christ, we can no longer suffer for the wrongs of the fathers that have gone because the Bible says it shall no longer be in Jesus’ name. We claim a curse-free life in Jesus’ name. (Jeremiah 31:29)
  5. Also, we are a new creature in Christ Jesus, therefore the curses have been nailed to the cross with Jesus. Jesus has taken our lives and has given us His life. Therefore, if any curse wants to affect us, it should affect Jesus because we have been given the life of Jesus. The old us that is related to the family curse died with Jesus. We walk in the newness of life in Jesus’ name. (1 Corinthians 5:17)
  6. Father in Jesus’ name, let the cause of the family cause be revealed and known without any shades. Let it be revealed in full in Jesus’ name. Grant us revelation oh Lord. Make it clear and clean before us in Jesus’ name. Let everything that concerns this family curse be made known to us in Jesus’ name. We receive strategic information on this family curse in Jesus’ name.
  7. Father, let whatever that has been buried to secure the operations of the family curse be excavated in Jesus’ name. Let everything be uprooted in Jesus’ name. Let spiritual operations that will dismantle every family curse be fully activated now in Jesus’ name. Collapse every operation of family curse in Jesus’ name. The operations of the family curse seize in Jesus’ name.
  8. In the name of Jesus, I undo every negative effect made on our family by this family curse. By the power, in Jesus’ name I call forth victory over the family curse and I bring an end to it. The victory in Jesus speaks over the family in Jesus’ name. Things are settled. Every negative force that came as a result of the family curse cancel out in Jesus’ name. 
  9. Praying through these prayers together as a family in unity and with a total surrender unto the Lord secures the victory. However, if you are the only one that is born again and have noticed the satanic trend that shows that the family cursed, pray the prayers through and follow the leading of the Lord. Let the Lord lead you into victory!

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With these prayer points, whether you are praying as an individual or as a group, pray in the singleness of your heart and be sure that you actually desire to remove the generational curse. When praying as a group, pray agreement prayer to break every hold of generational curse. Pray with your spirit open to receive word from the Lord, for prayers like this often come with some specific instructions to perfect the deliverance.

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