Characteristics of a Godly Husband and Father

Before talking about the qualities of a godly husband and father, it’s important to ask, “Who is a husband and who is a father?” “Being a good husband and father isn’t about the title, but about how you act.

christian husband qualities

Who then is a dad? You might be able to produce children, but that does not make you a father in terms of shouldering the duties that come with that role. Any young man who has reached adulthood has the potential to become a parent, but this does not guarantee that he will behave and think like a real father.

It’s important for women to be in relationships with men who are not only respectful but also honor God. In these marriages, the two people let God show them the way. Here are some things a godly husband should have:

Biblical Characteristics of a Godly Husband

He is respectful to his wife

In God’s eyes, respect is one of the most important parts of any relationship. A Christian husband will respect the woman he is married to. God’s Word warns that ignoring the command to treat others with respect will prevent us from receiving answers to prayer. There are many ways to show respect. A godly husband shows his special lady how great she is and how much she is worth by doing nice things for her. They look out for their wives’ interests whenever and wherever they can, but especially when they see that she’s in a difficult situation and might use some assistance.

He cherishes his wife

A godly husband recognizes that you are a blessing from God and treats you as such. He appreciates you and all that you do. You deserve to feel loved, wanted, and valued by the man you end up with. This is a key piece. A decent man would never forget to tell you how much he values your relationship with him. Men may not talk or show affection as much as women do, but that’s not an excuse. If someone loves you deeply, you’ll know and feel it. If you don’t, you’ll spend all of your time worrying whether or not they do. Never invest your time, energy, or effort into someone who isn’t willing to do the same for you in return. It’s not worth it. Many of us find out the hard way that being with someone who doesn’t appreciate us can make us feel even more alone than being alone.

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He’s Kind

A man should treat the woman he is with with both respect and tenderness. An angry expression, impatience, or the use of language that is insulting or belittling can all be considered examples of harshness. In a nutshell, being harsh refers to everything that comes out as hostile. It’s inevitable that you may have a difficult day, but whatever you’re going through on the inside should not be projected onto the woman you’re with. This is something to which a godly husband pays close attention. He thinks about how she is both a valuable part of his life and a precious child of God. For this reason, it’s difficult to treat her with contempt. “Colossians 3:19”

He is loyal

To be faithful in a marriage, you have to give it your all and put your partner above all else. A godly husband is aware that it will need effort, dedication, and sacrifice on his part. But he also knows that the reward is worth more than the price he may feel he has to pay. Loyalty is the key to a happy, healthy, safe, and lasting marriage. Loyalty is the basis of real love. When a man is faithful in his marriage, his wife feels safe and secure in the relationship. An attentive and meticulous listener is the mark of a devoted husband. He is completely devoted to his wife and won’t let anything or anyone sway that. A godly husband also sticks by his wife. Even when their wives aren’t present, they gush about how wonderful she is. They always support their wives. He doesn’t keep secrets from her. He discusses everything with his wife, from the insignificant to the significant, openly and honestly. He makes it a point to get to know his wife on a level that is both profound and personal.

He’s on task

In addition to being faithful, a godly husband is focused on his wife, his family, and God. Our world has a lot of things that can distract us and entice us. Many men struggle with this issue due to the altering expectations that society has regarding marriage. But God has more for you. God wants you to give all of your attention to the one person you’re with rather than allowing yourself to be enamored by other women. A godly husband is one who avoids putting himself in situations in which he will be tempted by evil. He is aware that if he looks at other women and develops attraction for them, it can lead to sin and pull him away from the marriage. 

He knows how to listen.

Almost everyone would say they’re good listeners. But listening isn’t a natural skill that everyone has. It is a skill that can be learned. It’s a very important trait for couples to have because the key to good communication is being able to really hear what the other person is saying. Because he puts his wife’s needs first, a godly man is a great listener. He is listening to anything that you have to say. You can talk to him about anything and he’ll listen. A man who loves you deeply will listen to what you have to say because he is interested in what you think.

He Sings Her Praises

A godly spouse recognizes the lady he is with for all that she is and gives thanks to God for her.

He doesn’t take her for granted. He tells her how important she is to him and to his family. He isn’t afraid to praise her not just for what she does or how she looks, but also for what she gives him. When a woman does not feel valued by her partner, it might pave the way for conflict within the relationship. There are moments when all she wants to hear is thank you and know that she is cherished by you. This is the kind of behavior expected of a good husband. The fact that he values the role that she plays in his life is something that is frequently acknowledged and appreciated by the lady he is married to.

Other qualities of a good husband are:

  • The fear of God should be the guiding principle in the life of a responsible spouse.
  • He is aware that he is the priest of his household and that it is his responsibility to guide his family in the ways of God
  • He has the same kind of love for her that Christ had for the church when he laid down his life for it.
  • He watches out for the general well-being of his family and makes certain that nothing is lacking in their home.
  • Although he is responsible for the household expenses, he does not consider this to be his only obligation.
  • He is happy to help out around the house and doesn’t leave his wife to do the housework when he is around.
  • He doesn’t ignore his family’s needs.
  • He doesn’t leave his wife in charge of raising their children.
  • He doesn’t sit around doing nothing, but he expects his wife to work hard for him.
  • He is not the type to yell instructions at his family, but rather he leads by showing everyone how it should be done. He is a servant-leader.
  • He loves being a dad and knows that being a dad is about more than money.
  • He takes an active role in his children’s lives.
  • He is concerned about the welfare of his family and wants to shield them from any outside influences that could be harmful or unhealthy.
  • He is incapable of sitting around doing nothing.
  • He loves and appreciates his wife as if she were an extension of himself.
  • Without any reservations, he shows his wife the kindness and consideration that is rightfully hers.

If your husband exhibits these characteristics, then he is a reflection of God in the way that He relates to you. If your man expresses these things to you, even though they are often overlooked, it is a sign that he truly values you in his life. If the man you’re with makes an effort to fill this role, he deserves your gratitude for his efforts. Because giving your heart to someone who you believe takes advantage of it is the surest way to feel completely empty, no matter how generous that person may be.

Bible verses on the duties and responsibilities of a husband and father

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