Closing Prayers for Meetings and Gatherings

While opening prayers are used to invite God into a meeting whether in the workplace or in the church, closing prayer is often used to thank God for the meeting, how it went, and to make a stamp of final achievement on the meeting. Yes, there have been discussions, deliberations, and sometimes strategy outlines, a closing prayer comes to stamp it all with thanksgiving. 


And for a church service meeting whether a bible study, prayer meeting, Holy Ghost meeting, etc it is not much different but it is mainly to thank God and to stamp the blessings so that it can be permanent for everyone that has been blessed in the meeting. Notice that in the two categories, there is thanksgiving, that is because it is very important. We shall be raising closing prayers in these categories respectively. 


Closing Prayer for Discussion


  1. Thank you, Lord, for the peace that has reigned in this discussion and the result that we have been able to achieve so far. Thank you our Lord and God for having your way in this discussion. Father, we say thank you for this grace in Jesus’ name.
  2. Father in Jesus’ name, we want to thank you for this meeting and the progress we have made so far. Thank you, God, that it is not a mere gathering and a waste of time. Thank you for everything that you have used to bring us this far in Jesus’ name.
  3. Father, we appreciate you for the grace you granted us in this meeting. Thank you for the wisdom with which this meeting has been piloted. Without wisdom, we couldn’t have achieved anything, and we know that it is you who granted us wisdom. Thank you Jesus for the grace. 
  4. Father, we pray that as we have highlighted in the discussion held in the meeting, grant us the will and power to follow through with the steps and processes we have agreed on in Jesus’ name. Let it not be just a mere plan without action to bring them forth in Jesus’ name.


Closing Prayer Points for Bible Study

  1. Father, we thank you for the express delivery of your word in our midst. Thank you for your word because your word settles it when it is proclaimed. Thank you because of the power in the word that you deliver to us in Jesus’ name. 
  2. The Bible says the entrance of your word gives light, thank you for the light that has dismissed the darkness in our lives. Thank you Jesus for what you have done with this Bible study, we do not take it for granted Lord. Thank you, Jesus!
  3. Jesus, we want to thank you for the revelation you granted unto us in the study of your word. Thank you for making the word clear to us in our minds and hearts. We say thank you for revealing yourself to us in your word. Thank you for the revelation. Thank you, Jesus!
  4. Father, as we have come into the knowledge of your word through this study, grant us the will and power to live in accordance with the correction required in Jesus’ name. Jesus, help us to make our lives right in accordance with your word in Jesus’ name.
  5. Father, help us to live and walk in the reality of your word in Jesus’ name. The essence of coming for the study is for us to know and live the word of God. Now we know oh Lord, help us to live and walk in the word in Jesus’ name. Father, help us not to remain the same in Jesus’ name.
  6. Father, let there be an expansion of your word beyond the teaching in the study in Jesus’ name. Jesus, by yourself, please expand the word in our hearts and let us feel the word just as a man feels the cloth he wears in Jesus’ name. Beyond the explanation in the study, let the word become real to us in Jesus’ name.

Closing Prayer Points for Prayer meeting

  1. Father, we want to thank you for the deliverance, healing, restoration, salvation, and all that you have done in the prayer meeting in Jesus’ name. Thank you for the power with which you move in our midst in Jesus’ name. 
  2. Jesus, thank you for your move in our midst, we appreciate it oh Lord. we cannot take this for granted by any means. Thank you Jesus for the move, touch, blessing, and presence in our midst. Thank you because it was not the gathering of mere men. Without your presence, nothing would have come forth, thank you, Jesus!
  3. Jesus, we pray that all that you have done in our lives in this prayer meeting be permanent in Jesus’ name. Let the healings, deliverance, restoration, etc be permanent in Jesus’ name. Whatever that will take you to make our blessings permanent, Lord, let it be permanent in Jesus’ name.
  4. Father, we pray that you help us to be sensitive as we go home so that the devil will not steal away our blessings in Jesus’ name. Help us to be spiritually sensitive and discerning in Jesus’ name. Whatever the demons may try to make us lose our blessings, let it not prosper in Jesus’ name. 
  5. Father, let there be an encounter even in our homes as we go home, let the workings of the Holy Spirit continue even in our dreams in Jesus’ name. Let the encounter go beyond here in Jesus’ name. 
  6. Father, as we take the blessings, we return all the glory unto your holy name in Jesus’ name. We declare that it can only be you our Lord and Savior. That is no man, it can only be You our God, and our father. Thank you for your love and care. We appreciate you. Thank you in Jesus’ name.

With these prayers, we can close any meeting irrespective of the category it falls into. Just flow with the category. You may as well close a meeting with prayers as you are led based on the emphasis of the Holy Spirit at that point in time.

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