Dangerous Prayers Against Enemies

Unleashing Powerful Prayers Against Enemies – A Step-by-Step Guide

Over the years, praying against enemies has been viewed from different perspectives. Some believe there are no enemies while some believe there are. Truth be told, there are enemies, and as long as you are on earth, you will have one or two somewhere. It is a colossal mistake to admit to self-deceit that there are no enemies. If you read through the scriptures, you will see lots of examples that show that there are enemies.

Dangerous prayer points against enemies

The mistake people make is that they gullibly believe that because they have no evil plan or thought towards other people, no one would have such towards them. They think and assume that the world is fair. Unfortunately, the world is not fair. Sometimes you earn a few enemies because you are doing fine or looking good. Most importantly, you will earn an enemy the moment you decide to do God’s will. That is inevitable!


So, the first question borders on who an enemy is. Who do you think an enemy is? Without disturbing ourselves, an enemy is anyone works against God’s plan and purposes for your life as well as anything that will give you joy. Anyone with the sole motif of making you unhappy is an enemy. Their actions may be either directly or indirectly. As long as it makes you unhappy or prevents you from achieving your goals, such an individual is your enemy.


Interestingly, God is never silent about our enemies. God always find a way to reach out to us and get us informed about the enemy. So, you will have dreams, premonitions, and physical events that suggest to you that the enemy is at work. It now depends on you to take advantage of these things and position yourself for the end their activities. One great way to do that is through prayer. With it you can silent any enemy even if they have been doing the wickedness before you were born.


Raising prayer points against enemies can come in different ways depending on the views and the impact of the said enemy on you. The question borders on how the enemy is fighting you and what the enemy is fighting exactly. If you can provide answers to these two important questions, you will be able to better wage war against the enemy. Don’t fight blindly if you want to have an effective and remarkable victory. You need to raise prayer point strategically and pray with some knowledge.


One of the wise things to do when waging war against the enemy is to render their ammunition and tools void and non-effect over your life. As long as their warring tools have effects on you then they will keep destroying things in your life or achieving their goals. So, you may need to raise a prayer point in this line. This is important even before you understand the battles sometimes. This will serve as an arrow to buy time to gain your feat in the battle. The idea is to stop them before they stop you.

Prayer Points Against Dangerous Enemies

Your first prayer point will be, Lord, render the arrows of the enemies useless over my life and let them be hit their own arrows. This is a kind of prayer that you must pray with the whole of your heart in it. For a prayer like this can put your enemies under your feat permanently. But before that happens you will have to pray this prayer seriously over some time. This is because they must be hit by their own arrows several times before they will eventually be humbled. It feels great to see your enemy broken down by their own devices.


Read through the story of Mordecai and Hamman in the book Esther and use it to back your prayer. Once you understand the story, you will have a better understanding of how to position your prayer. With that you can easily achieve the dictates of the prayer point. Two things will emerge from the prayer point, your enemy will be silent and he will be placed under your feat. This is one of the best results you can get over your enemy that truly mean you triumph. It will just place them where they belong automatically.

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The second prayer point will address group of enemies. Sometimes the enemy have accomplice or group. They may be mean just like in the case of Apostle Paul where certain bind themselves with a oath no to eat until Paul is killed. Group of enemies should not be taken likely because of their unity. Even God had to rise in genesis to stop men who were determined to build a house to reach into heaven. If you are not determined, you can not overcome group of enemies. Your determination to end them must be stronger than their unity.


In this case, one of the best prayers you can pray is in Psalm 68:1. It is a very simple prayer but very powerful if  you would take it seriously. The prayer point is “God arise and let your enemies on my life be scattered” To add some flesh to the prayer, pray it till verse 3. Be sure you are determined to end the group with your prayers. So, pray it like you really mean it that the group with scatter indeed. Having a great monarch on earth requires much, how much more the greatest monarch, you need to show it in your prayer.


Just as God scatter the people that agreed at the tower of Babel, and the dissolution is still effective till today, that is how potent that prayer is. If you can maintain that prayer on your lips, you can destroy the league and unity of the enemies forever. Once they are unable to stand to plan and execute their plans on you, you have automatically kept them under your control. And of course, such a scattering can not come easy, it will inflict some pain or injury on them that will silence them. That is the great deal.

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