A Daughter’s Prayer for Her Mother

A Daughter’s Prayer for Her Mother

The place of a mother in the life of a daughter is an essential one. Though the mother has the responsibility to help the young lady grow and become the woman that she is becoming. While this has long been the view seeing only the influence of the mother on the daughter, many have not considered the other side of the coin.


So the other side of the coin is where the daughter helps the mother and blesses her with some spiritual uplifting. It is about the daughter praying for the mother. After all, the Bible sayings effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much (James 5:16). This means that God can rot wonders even with the prayers of a daughter for her mother. God is no respecter of persons.

Prayer Points for a Mother from the Daughter

To raise prayer points for a mother from the daughter, we would need to consider the situations that may warrant the prayer. For instance, it could be the situation of a sick mother, an unbelieving mother, etc. There are several reasons or situations that may require a daughter to pray for her mother. So, we would raise the prayer points accordingly using a few situations.

Prayer for a sick mother

A daughter worried about the failing health of her mother may pray for the mother. With the understanding that the healing is made available in Christ Jesus. She may raise prayer points to push out the spirit of infirmity and sickness. This is whether or not she is aware of the sickness or the particular infirmity. Here are what the prayer points look like;

Lord, please take away all the sickness in my mother’s body and let there be healing. Lord, please give total healing for my hailing mum in Jesus’ name. Your word says you will take away every disease of Egypt from us, please take every infirmity away from my mother. Let every cell, tissue, organ, and system in my mother body’s are completely healed in Jesus’ name. (Deuteronomy 7:15)

Prayer for unbelieving mother

When a daughter is saved but has an unbelieving mother, it is her kingdom’s responsibility to preach to the woman and pray it through. If she will follow the dictates of the Christian ethics in the kingdom, she will need to rise to see that her mother is saved. She will need to witness to her as well as send prayers to her to facilitate the salvation of the mother. Not that she will be the one to do it, she will only do her part and then allow the Holy Spirit to perfect it.


As far as Jesus said He was willing to heal the leper in Matthew 8:2 and the Holy Spirit spoke through John in 3 John 1:2 that He wishes that we are in good health, then I know that healing is available for my mother. Let there be a manifestation of the healing in Jesus’ name. Jesus, you paid the price for the healing by the stripes, therefore let it be manifested in all of her body parts that your healing touch in Jesus’ name.

Prayer for a troubled mother

Also for a troubled mother who may have gone through issues and bartered by life, a daughter may do well to uplift her mother in the spirit. This is irrespective of whether the daughter knows or understands the source of the matter that makes her mother downcast. If she is aware of the matter, it makes the prayer easier and more effective. All she needs to do is to address the issue directly in prayer.


For the leper in Matthew 8:2, the matter troubling him is visible to all, anyone praying for him knows what to ask for. Sometimes people go through issues and pains that are easily visible to all. The fact that is it is easily visible to many is also a major contributing factor to the pain.


If this is the case for the mother, the daughter would pray a prayer like Lord, in this matter that has become a reproach visit my mum and let there be a positive change in the narrative. God, change my mum’s story with your healing power. Heal her emotionally and give her a new beginning filled with your grace in Jesus’ name. For such a case, emotional healing is paramount even as the body heals from any ailment or disease.


And in the case where the matter that is troubling the mother is like that of the woman of the issue of blood, the healing prayer would be slightly different. For her, nobody would know except she says it and I doubt if she will be willing to say anything of such. Although, the problem would be draining but as long as she keeps it to herself no one would know. There are mothers that will keep such even away from their daughters.


The prayer for healing in this case especially when the daughter is not aware of the situation but keeps seeing the mother downcast is best prayed for by asking for visitation. So, the prayer can be something, God visits my mother with your healing love and hands. Please settle everything that is causing her pain in Jesus’ name. The same way Jesus visited Jericho and the woman with the issue of the blood gained her healing, please Lord, visit my mum miraculously in Jesus’ name.


If you pray these prayer points with all sincerity, God will reach out to your mother through these prayers. Sometimes God needs us to help him achieve what He wants to do. Do you know what prayer is really, it is as though God needs someone to tell Him what to do even though He really wants to do it. So, praying those prayer points may mean that you are helping God to achieve what He wants to do for your mother. This is a very noble thing to do with rewards both here on earth and in heaven when we return back to Him.

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