God Lead me in the Right Direction

God Lead me in the Right Direction Prayer

As we sojourn in the land of the living, at one point or the other we would need to make decisions on which path to follow or what to do. Depending on how important that decision is, we need more than just mental calculation to make decisions. We must realize that every decision comes with its aftermath. In order to have good aftermath, it is important to involve God in our decision-making process.

God knows everything that will ever happen, He knows the past that you don’t know as well. It is wise to follow the one who knows all things. He can tell what is in tomorrow. As a human, we are limited, therefore we need divinity to help our humanity flourish. If we must truly flourish, we have to make use of God’s leading and guidance in every of our decision. This is the way to win in the kingdom of God.


It is worthy of note that involving God in the decision-making process is not all about providing God with mere information about the decision to be made. This is what many do. They simply tell God and then make the decisions. No, God won’t be responsible for the aftermath that way. Getting God involved in a decision-making process means asking God to lead you through the decisions so that you can make God’s decision and not yours.


Before we lead a prayer for God Lead us in the right direction, it is important to note that you must come with an open mind. This means you don’t have a preconceived mind on the direction you want to follow. If you do, you will not be able to hear God. All you will see and validate is what is already on your mind. This was the case with Balaam. When he heard about the gifts and promotion, his mind was set to go but he wanted to pull God in it.


Prayer Points for God’s Direction

Having said that, the first prayer we would be raising in line with this can be generated from Proverbs 16:25. Interestingly this verse was repeated verbatim in Proverbs 14:12. I believe it is to reiterate the importance of the subject matter. The two verses say there is a that looks right to a man but the end of that way is a way of death. This is because man’s calculation is not the same as God’s and we don’t see things in the same way.

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Therefore, the prayer will be something like, “God lead me your ways so that I won’t follow the way of death.” Such prayer must be prayed with you all. Pray it as your life depends on it because it actually depends on it. That “God help me so that I won’t follow the way of death that looks great in my eyes” I want to go in the right direction Lord, help me not to partner with death as I choose a direction to follow. God, just help me to follow the right path in life.


Furthermore, there are scriptures to hold on to and pray to access divine direction. This is important, especially in times when you need to make a crucial decision that will determine what your next line of action will be. Praying the scripture has proven to be one sure way to get things done and acquire things in the kingdom. There are several verses scattered across the entire Bible with either the promise of direction or assurance of direction.


One of such verses you can bank on is Isaiah 30:21. This verse says that you will hear a voice behind you that will say this is the way, walk in it. If you ask me, this is the best way to pray for the direction that every time, you simply hear the voice of God that will say go here or do this. Imagine every time you need to make a decision and you pause to think about what to do. Then you simply hear the voice that says go this way. That will be heaven on earth and the life of God expressed.


So, the prayer will be something like, “God grant me divine guidance at every point of my life” You can as well pray it by saying “God, help me to hear you as you lead me through” If you understand the prayer, it does mean that God is always providing guidance every time it only depends if we can hear Him. If we can’t hear Him, we can’t even walk in the guidance. This is why this prayer is key.


Why is a prayer for the right direction key? It is important because taking a wrong turn at any point in one’s life can bring grievous consequences. These consequences may sometimes take years to recover from. And in the process of recovering, time would have been wasted and your journey to your destination would have been delayed. This is why this is key. All of these can be avoided if you follow through with God’s leading every time.


So, praying this prayer means preparing for the next step while securing your future. This silently says every step matters and they must be taken in accordance with the direction given by the father of all spirits. You may not realize how important this prayer is until you hear people tell how things went to shackles for them after taking just one wrong turn at the point and the consequences that follow. Some consequences may linger for life.


It is also important to balance the thoughts. When we pray for God to lead us or direct our paths. It doesn’t mean we put our brains to sleep. No, that is not what it means. It means that we are empowering our capacities to be used by God to lead us in the right direction. That means when we think, God thinks through our thoughts and hands out the guidance in our thoughts and other miraculous ways.


So, after praying through, a verse of scripture may be lighted in your spirit. A thought may spring up in you as well. You may as well get information that may lead you in the right direction. As big as heaven is, God has moved on your behalf. The guide has been provided. Just be on the lookout for God after praying through.

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