Good Morning Prayer for Family and Friends

One of the sets of people that should have our blessings from time to time is our family and friends. Apart from them having our blessings, it is even advisable that we pray together. This is because they are the most important people to us in the world. They are the closest, and whenever we run into troubled waters, they are the next to call. In this piece, we shall take a look at good morning prayers for family and friends. Let’s get right into it!

What should I pray for family and friends?

First, we need to understand that morning prayers are essential whether we are praying for ourselves or for family and friends. With morning prayers, you can set the coordinates of the day and tell how your day will go. It is also the time to undo any evil that has been posted into your day. So, it is a time that cannot be underestimated in importance. We all know that the beginning of things such as that of a day is important. You can settle everything on their behalf from there. Mornings are great for some spiritual business in prayer.

The question then is, what do you pray about in the morning especially when you are praying for family and friends? Well, let me state it clearly that every prayer you can pray in the morning for yourself can be prayed for family members and friends. However, there are two ways to raise good morning prayers for family and friends. First is the general prayers that can include safety and commanding blessing on them. The second is when you have a particular issue address in prayer on their behalf. We will be raising prayer points in line with these two thought paths.


To start with, let’s begin with the book of Job. Job 38:12 asked an important question, it asks if you have commanded the morning and if you have put the dawn in its place. This means if you do not command the morning, things will go in any direction or you will leave it to the forces around to dictate how your day will go. It is the same for family and friends. You can speak into their lives and command good things such as favor, blessing, greatness, etc into their day. With this, their day will not just go like any other day. After all, God says whatever He hears you say, that is what He will do.


So you can pray such prayers as “I command the favor of the Lord upon my family members” I shut down every planned satanic or evil agenda on my friends and family today in Jesus’ name. No evil is allowed to operate around my friends and family in Jesus’ name. I come against every circumstance and event meant to make my family and friends victims today in Jesus’ name. Today shall be a great day for my family and friends. Today is a day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. This is what the word of the Lord says and it shall be so for every member of my family and friends in Jesus’ name.


The second aspect of the prayer is when you are standing in a gap on a particular matter for your friends and family. This is the best good morning gift you can gift them. This can be viewed in two different ways too. First is when God shows you a revelation or vision about them during the night. And the second is when you are aware of a situation they are into or an important project they want to embark on that very day. With this understanding come different prayer points based on the situation that you are addressing. We shall briefly look at the two and raise possible good morning prayers.


If God has shown you something about a family member, a friend, or the whole family, the first thing will be to seek understanding of what God is saying. This is because, without understanding, you can pray right. So, the first prayer, in this case, will be Lord, grant me an understanding of what is going on with this person. Make it plain before me dear Lord. And as it unfolds in your spirit, you begin to deal with it with the appropriate prayer points on such an issue. You are required to pray this prayer until things shift in the spirit. That is the reason for showing you in the first place. God just requires you to facilitate the victory.

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And for the second reason when you are aware of an issue bordering them or a step that they are to take that day. It is actually good to wake up in the morning and intercede for family members and friends. With this, you are fulfilling the part of the scripture that commands you to love the brotherhood (1 Peter 2:17). Simply pray that God will intervene in the issue beyond what the person thinks or imagines. That the Lord will make the situation a pleasant surprise for them. That whatever is scaring in the situation will be brought down to their feet in Jesus’ name. And where the issue is their fault, seek God’s mercy for them.


When praying for family and friends, one thing that is key is the sincerity of the heart with which you pray. If this is missing, even if you pray for long hours, it will amount to wasted time. This must be done out of love and with a sincere heart. These two things are very important for the prayer to be meaningful and achieve results. So, as you move to send good morning prayers to family and friends, you are setting their day up for success and Godly intervention. That is to say that if you facilitate for someone, God will not forget you too. It is a seed and a service of love that cannot go unrewarded. So, key into this and be part of making your family friends’ day great.

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