Good Night Prayer for a Friend

Good Night Prayer for a Friend

When you hear a good night prayer for a friend, there are two possible thoughts that may come. The first is that such a friend is dead and they are thinking of offering the last prayer for that friend. The second is about the nighttime prayer for a friend. In Christianity, the former is not Biblical and unnecessary. You don’t need to pray for the dead for any reason. The latter is much understood and required. You need to be able to lift friends in prayer, especially at night because of its peculiarity.

Night prayers are still very important even in this time and season. This is because nighttime is a very critical time in the spiritual world. Lots of things happen during the night that may impact both people and the environment. This is why one should not handle night prayers with hands of levity. So, both the prayers for yourself and the one for your friend must be taken seriously. This piece is about raising night prayer points for a friend. The question now borders on what to pray about for a friend.

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When it comes to raising night prayer points for a friend, there are two possible viewpoints.  I mean there are two things to pray about when you want to lift a friend in prayer. These viewpoints will tell what the focus of the prayer will be. The two viewpoints are safety and God’s promises. Each of these has scriptural backup and is better illustrated with an explanation. So, we will be raising two prayer points in line with these viewpoints. One prayer point per viewpoint. Let’s get into it!


The first good night prayer point for a friend will be from the safety viewpoint. A simple way to illustrate this is in Psalm 91:5. It says “terror by night” and that shows the level of wickedness that happens in the night. This explains why two people may sleep in the same room and one person may be getting attacked spiritually without the knowledge of the other person. The terror of the night can affect anybody caught unawares. This may be expressed in different ways depending on the location and forces around.


The prayer point in line with this is that “Lord, protect my friend from the terror of the night.” Only God’s protection makes the difference especially if you are within some terrain where darkness is prominent. Another way to pray the prayer may be, “Lord, build a hedge of protection around my friend.” Let not the wickedness of the night prevail over my friend. Father let your protection be strong over my friend against any form of planned evil on him. Just let your safety be true on my friend in Jesus’ name.


Another important thing to focus your good night prayer on is what happens during the night when men sleep. Men sleep in the night and when they sleep, they dream. The dream is a channel used to reach out to your spirit. It is used by both God and Satan. Howbeit, they do not use it for the same purpose. as men sleep, there is a need to address the dream with some prayers. A single dream can determine the happenings of one’s life for the next few years or for the rest of that person’s life. You can help a friend to save their future by praying a good night prayer that helps them to address their dream.


As you already know that dream is a tool in God’s hands as well as that of Satan (and his cohorts) to impact people’s lives. And it is best to secure the dream with God. This will serve two purposes which are to protect the individual from spiritual dream attacks and to get revelations from God. So, an important night prayer for a friend might be to secure the dream for your friend through prayers. With this knowledge, you can raise a prayer for a friend to secure his dreams so that devil and cohorts are incapacitated to attack him in his dream.


To begin with this prayer point, you may simply pray the second part of Psalm 127:2 which explains that God himself gives His beloved sleep. If God is giving you sleep, that means God orders everything that happens in the dream of sleep. So, the prayer will be like, God, according to your word in Psalm 127:2, please grant my friend sleep. God, let it be a night’s rest from you. Let it just be a night’s rest indeed for my friend. A night rest cannot be night rest if God does not make it one. This is one reason you need to pray that the sleep will be rest indeed. If God does not make it a rest, it can never be rest.


I suppose that if you are looking for a way to offer some good night prayers for a friend, it means that you love that friend. That is the first prerequisite to making this prayer work so that it won’t be a futile effort. I must add quickly that this should not just be for some specific friends, God loves everyone and if God has brought them to you, it means there is a reason. Who knows, maybe it is for this reason that you have them. God may need you to make this impact in their lives. So, take this seriuosly!


With good night prayers like this for a friend, you have fulfilled the part of scripture that God needs someone to stand in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30). It means that you have just yielded to God’s call. So, you are actually living the life God requires from you. This may look so insignificant to many but God does not see it that way. God is proud that you are helping Him to achieve the greatness He wants to achieve in people’s life. It means that you are living purpose. So, go on to make God happy and be an instrument in His hands!

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