How to Pray for Forgiveness

If anyone claims they do not sin, they are merely lying to themselves. You could avoid doing something or fail to do something and it may still count as sin. This is called the sin of omission; like failing to provide for your family, failing to help someone in genuine need when you had the means, failing to properly manage your finances, failing to pray or failing to attend fellowship.

Then there is the sin of commission, where we do things we are not supposed to do. These are the type of sins that we are more familiar with, like murder, theft, adultery, physical abuse and lying. These sins whether from omission or commission, prevent us from experiencing the best life God wants from us. That is why it is very important for us to confess our sins to God and ask or His forgiveness.

Sin must have been committed first, before a person will seek forgiveness from God. Acknowledging your sin and praying for forgiveness is a sign that we are earnestly declaring our belief in God. A sin that is not confessed cannot be forgiven. The Bible says, “But if we confess our sins to Him, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness,” (1John 1:9). Unforgiven sin eternally separates us from God. Even when some of our sins have been forgiven, they may still have consequences here on earth. We can pay for it or suffer for it, but in a milder magnitude. Unforgiven sin however has vast consequences on earth and in eternity.

Nobody is without sin. The Bible says, “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” (Romans 3:23). Sin is inherited from the first day we are born. This is because of the sin that Adam and Eve committed in the Garden of Eden. From then on, this sin has been passed down from generation to generation because we are descendants of Adam. It is also because of this sin that man cannot live forever, but is destined to grow old and die.

Asking God for forgiveness is a very important process. The first thing you need to do is admit that you did wrong and you must be sincere in your remorse about what you have done. Next, you must come to the place of prayer quoting relevant scripture and ask God to forgive you of your sins. After that, you have to believe in your heart that God has forgiven you. The final step in this process is to work on yourself henceforth. Make a deliberate effort to leave the sin behind and decide to live a new life.

Susan and Felicia were friends. One day, they were having lunch at a nice restaurant tucked away close to the lake in their sleepy town when Mark walked in looking like a breath of fresh air. Felicia was instantly attracted to him. He looked their way and smiled at her. It made her heart skip. She drew Susan’s attention to Mark who soon walked toward their table and greeted the ladies. They talked and exchanged numbers before leaving. Felicia and Mark kept in touch through constant phone calls. Somehow, Mark realized that he was in love with Susan and not Felicia. They got married soon after. Felicia was so pained. She was angry at Mark and angry at God for not making Mark love her. Two years after his marriage, Mark died in a freak boating accident.

Susan was devastated. She couldn’t get over her husband’s death. Soon after, she was diagnosed with clinical depression and had to be put on medication. It was then that Felicia realized that could have been her. Although she had gotten over the hurt of not being Mark’s wife and had mended fences with her friend, Susan, she couldn’t help feeling like she had dodged a bullet. Felicia realized that some disappointments in life were actually blessings in disguise. That she didn’t get what she wanted so badly or that God didn’t grant her heart’s desire when she prayed to Him meant that God didn’t want her to pass through all that pain and mental breakdown. She knew she had to sincerely beg God for forgiveness because in her anger, she said some terrible things to her heavenly Father.

We have all been guilty of transgression at one time or the other, because we as humans are not perfect. We have all committed hurtful acts. We have violated trust. Through it all, we all hope that God will show us His ultimate mercy and forgive us. The best way to receive forgiveness is through fervent prayer from a repentant heart.

 Prayers for Forgiveness of Sins, Renewal, and Repentance

  1. Heavenly Father, I thank You for the gift of Your son, Jesus. I thank You for sending Him to earth to die for the redemption of our sins. It is only through His blood that I can humbly approach You now for mercy. You have loved mankind with an everlasting love and drawn us closer to You with Your unfailing kindness. Father, have mercy on me and forgive my sins in Jesus name, amen.
  2. Heavenly Father, remember your compassion and mercy which you showed long ago. That is why you sent your only begotten son to die for us; even death on a cross so that we can have everlasting life. That is also why we can plead the blood of Jesus at any time to wash away our sins. Please Father, do not recall the sins and failings of my youth. In Your mercy, remember me o Lord and blot away my sins in Jesus name, amen.
  3. Lord Jesus, You opened the eyes of the blind. You healed the sick and forgave the sinful woman. After Peter denied You three times, You confirmed him in Your love. Listen to my prayer, o Lord. Forgive all my sins. Renew Your love in my heart. Help me to live in perfect unity with my fellow Christians that I may proclaim Your saving power to all the world, in Your name, Jesus I pray, amen.
  4. Heavenly Father, I have sinned against You and not worthy to be called Your son/daughter. O Lord of mercy, I return to You like the prodigal son and say: “I have sinned against You.” Saviour of the world, I pray to You like the repentant thief to whom You promised paradise. Like the repentant thief I say, “Lord, remember me in Your kingdom.” I call on You with trust because I know that You will purify my heart and help me walk as a child of light in Jesus mighty name I pray, amen.
  5. O God, I know that I chose to do wrong and failed to do what is right. I am sorry for my sins with all my heart. I know that I ought to love You with all my heart, just as You love me and I firmly intend to do so with Your help. Help me to avoid whatever leads me to sin in Jesus name, amen.
  6. Lord Jesus, You are the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. Through the grace of the Holy Spirit, restore me to friendship with Your Father. Cleanse me from every stain of sin in the blood that You shed for me. Raise me to a new life for the glory of Your name, Jesus I pray, amen.
  7. Heavenly Father, the burden of my sins weigh heavily on my conscience and I know that there is no righteousness in me. I have come to You, great Lord of mercy with a broken and contrite heart, pleading Your forgiveness. I repent of all the numerous sins that I have grievously committed against You in Jesus name, amen.
  8. Lord, I confess my sin of pride and arrogance. I have ridiculed Your powerful existence and blasphemed against your word and mighty works. Still You sent us Your only begotten son, our Lord, Jesus Christ to be the only acceptable sacrifice befitting enough to pay for the price of my sins. Thank you Lord for blotting away my sins in Jesus mighty name, I pray, amen.
  9. Lord God Almighty, I know You have no pleasure in the death of a sinner. You are a God who pardons guilty men. I stretch forth my hands to receive Your mercy. I implore You to forgive all my unlawful deeds, in Jesus name, amen.
  10. Lord Jesus, please keep my mind away from the operations of the enemy, so that my eyes will not look in a sinful way. Block my ears from listening to vanities and prevent my hands from being involved in the service of hateful things. O Lord, take control of the reins of my spirit so that I will be complete in You. I want to be entirely Yours o Lord. Grant unto me the gift of Your divine mysteries. I pray in Jesus mighty name, amen.

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