How to Take Care of Our Elders

In this article, we are going to focus on how to take good care of our elders in the home and in our community.

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As we look at how to take care of elders, it is important to know who an elder is. An elder in this case is anyone that is aged. They are also referred to as senior citizens. Some people categorize people who are seventy years of age and above as citizens. People within this age bracket pass for grandparents in most countries. Anyone who meets up with any of these descriptions is referred to as an elder. 


The word “elder” is also used to refer to older people not necessarily aged persons. This is true when you are talking about a group or team. The older here is used to indicate older in knowledge or practice. This is just to mean that elder can be used to either mean older or more experienced. But the meaning of elder we are concerned about in this piece is the aged person.


Why is taking care of elders important?


There is an old saying that when people get old, they return back to children. This is because their attitude and character are not different from that of a child. In old age, many things have changed. They can no longer move or do things as before. This is an important reason elders must be cared for. Below are the reasons why elders need care;


First is that they have limited strength to do things. The body is old, and so also is the strength it produces. Their strength even if it is not failing them can never be like when they were young. So they need people with the strength to care for them. 


Secondly, like children, they can no longer remember many things. Imagine an elder placing something on the table and looking for it on the floor. Their memory may have become short span like that of children. They need agile people around to help them so that they won’t be looking for what is not lost.


While getting old is a blessing, it suddenly becomes lonely and they can’t help but reminisce over the days they were full of strength doing great things around. These thoughts may be fun at first but over time, it may turn out to be depressing. So, they need people around to care for them. This will prevent such depressing thoughts.


Elders with medical conditions or underlying health issues should be left to care for themselves alone. They need people to help them in taking the medication when due because they would forget or misplace the medication without knowing it. They need people to encourage them to take the drugs depending on the health issue.


The focus of the care for elders


The saying that when the motive for something is not known, abuse is inevitable is true. Therefore, it is important to know why we need to care for elders so that we can keep the focus while caring for them. Firstly, note that this care for the elders is not about you but about the elders being cared for. Keep this in mind so as to do it right.


While the focus is n the elder being cared for, the aim is to achieve two things. If these two things are achieved through care for them, then it is done right. The first is to make them happy. How happy an aged person is and how often they get happy will determine if they will live long or the extent to which they will live long. Happiness is an antidote for the elderly.


The second thing we are trying to achieve through caring for the elderly is to provide things that they need and make them available to them at the appropriate time. This is another thing that can make them die soon. Once provisions are made available, it will take all regrets of not being able to work for themselves away. 


The summary of the focus is that through the care for elders, you are meeting their emotional and material needs. That is all they need to survive and have a safe landing as they move closer to their departure time. So, keep your eyes glued to the focus as you care for them via different means. 


How to take care of the aged


The first point to begin caring for the elder is by bringing them closer to you. This is important so as to be able to have closer monitoring of their well-being and activities. However, do this if it is possible. Bringing them closer to you will also help to create a bond needed for them to trust you and have first-time experience with their health issues and other things that may concern them.


If it is impossible to bring them closer, probably because of distance and work, it is not out of place to get someone or people to live with them and take care of them. The idea is to avoid them being alone. This is to prevent unforeseen circumstances and when there is one, there has to be someone to alert people or take first aid action. 


Create a time-out for them. Creating time for them will make them feel special. Feeling special is a major part of the care they need. Though this may seem unrealistic amidst the different work and social schedules. Find a way to plug time out for them in your routine so as to get an update on everything relating to them in person. 


While you are creating a time out for them, endeavor to visit them often if you are staying away from them. Make the visit frequent as often as you can. They need to constantly feel that you haven’t forgotten them. The only way to do this to keep checking on them in person. Let each time you visit them be worthwhile for them. Don’t just visit without engaging them in a caring way. 


Furthermore, let there be provision for them. This includes food, medication, and other materials that will enhance their life. Food and medication is important in all provisions. Don’t just give them food, but give them the food that will help their age and not cause more health issues even if they like such food. 


Have the arrangement to take them on a routine medical check-up. This is dependent on their age. Some are too old to be moved up and down, for those kinds of elders, please have medical personnel who understands their medical history come to check them from time to time. Not only to check them but to follow through with all medical advice if you want them to live longer.


Another important thing to do as you care for the elderly is to ensure they live in a place that is well secured. It should not be an environment known for criminality and noise. If where they live has such characteristics, please find a way to move them to somewhere better. This is to prevent attacks and news of such an environment from getting to them too often. That can spark health issues. 


There is a feeling that can eat them deeply once they begin to miss everyone they knew especially their family members. So, try to schedule family members to pay them a visit at intervals. This will keep them in touch with everyone and they will not feel abandoned. Once in a while, create a reunion where everyone will be there. It’s a great thing for elderly people when all family members gather around them. 


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Make good use of technology that they can handle for communication, access, and monitoring of their environment. This is very important. So they can feel among, have a sense of being cared for, and their safety. Make use of only the technology that they can easily use without much trouble. It is okay to have someone around them to help them where the technology is required but a bit complex.


Have a workout planned for them at intervals when there is someone that can monitor it. The medical personnel will be able to tell the best of work for the aged in question putting their uniqueness into consideration. Please ensure that it is something their health can carry. And if it is safe for them not to involve in any, please follow the medical advice.


Lastly, it is possible that these aged ones may be showing some tantrums, please bear with them in love. Remember that they have returned back to babyhood. Sometimes they would be funny and fun to be with and at some other times, it may be annoying with the things they do. Please bear with them. Show them love, that’s all they need.

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