Prayers for Police Officers

Being a police officer is a noble profession and one that serves both God and humanity. This noble profession in line with other security jobs helps to secure lives and properties. The job is particularly noble because they put their lives on the line to secure others. Their assignment is not always an easy one but they stand anyway.

In view of these dangerous attributes of the job function, the best we can do as citizens is to pray for them. Knowing fully well that their success on the job means our peace of mind in our country and individual homes. So, even as we pray for them, we are indirectly working for our peace in our homes and neighborhood. With this said, we shall be raising prayer points we can pray for the police officers.

  1. Lord, we pray for safety for our police officers in Jesus’ name. In the cause of their operations, Lord please grant them safety in Jesus’ name. Let their individual safety not fail them oh Lord. Every police officer’s safety is guaranteed in Jesus’ name. We cannot afford to be losing police officers every now and then in operations, therefore we pray for their safety in Jesus’ name.
  2. Father in Jesus’ name, we bring all faithful police officers before you, Lord please be their guide in Jesus’ name. As they unveil every criminal case, Lord guides them through each case in the name of Jesus. Let your guidance be sure for each police officer in the discharge of their duties in Jesus’ name. As you lead them, help them to comprehend and understand you in Jesus’ name.
  3. Father, help our police officers with intelligence. Lord, please grant them the intelligence that they need to function effectively in their duties to the nation. Without intelligence, no security for the nation. Therefore, Lord please grant them intelligence to unveil and cure insecurity in our neighborhood and country as a whole in Jesus’ name.
  4. Father, we come against every power and principality that may be working contrary in the police force in Jesus’ name. Every spirit that enters police officers and makes them misbehave is cursed in Jesus’ name. And all of its operations are void from this point in Jesus’ name. We banish such spirit and powers in the police force in the name of Jesus.
  5. Father, we pray that you will help the police officers to make amends where innocent souls are being punished wrongly in the name of Jesus. Help them to right every wrong they may have caused unknowingly or intentionally in the name of Jesus. Let every police officer who may have done wrongly find themselves and have the courage to right their wrongs in Jesus’ name.
  6. The Bible says that except the Lord keeps the city, they that watch, watch in vain. Therefore, we ask for your power to keep our city and lives safe in the name of Jesus. We pray that our city, lives, and properties are safe in Jesus’ name. It is only when you secure the city that their work can be fruitful, please secure our lives and properties in Jesus’ name.
  7. Lord Jesus, please grant the police officers wisdom they need to unravel cases and showcase the truth in the name of Jesus. Let divine wisdom be made available for them in the name of Jesus. Every case that has been torn in the flesh be supernaturally unraveled in the name of Jesus Christ.
  8. Father, we pray that all bad eggs in the police force be revealed in Jesus’ name. The Bible says there is no peace for the wicked. Therefore, every criminal agent amidst the police are divinely revealed in the name of Jesus Christ. Their secrets are revealed in the name of Jesus.
  9. Father in the name of Jesus, we secure our land with the spiritual armies of God in the name of Jesus. We pray for Spiritual help and accompany from Zion for our police officers in the name of Jesus. That as they discharge their duties, it will be evident that they have been helped by the most high in the name of Jesus.
  10. Father in the name of Jesus, grant the police officers intellect to draw up strategies and plans that will produce results. Help their thinking and policy formation in Jesus’ name. Help them with the intelligence to solve security issues in the name of Jesus. Jesus, just be their guide and help in the name of Jesus.
  11. Father, you are the father of light, therefore let your light shine through the entire police force in the name of Jesus. Lord, from the lowest rank officers to the very topmost officer, let there be light in the name of Jesus. The light of God shines through in the name of Jesus.
  12. Father in Jesus’ name, we pray for the police force that every of their input will produce results in Jesus’ name. That as they put plans to work, things will be fine in Jesus’ name. That each of their actions and plans will not be futile in the name of Jesus. God, bless the work of their hands in Jesus’ name.
  13. Father, expose every dirty police officer and their fathers in the police force in the name of Jesus. Let their reign come to an end in the name of Jesus. Lord, wash the entire police force clean in the name of Jesus Christ. From every department and unit, wash them clean. Expose the activities and operations of the dirty and evil police officers in Jesus’ name.

If we can get people to pray these prayer points sincerely for the police force and its officers, then we can reform the police spiritually and cause justice to stand in our land. With every word of prayer, we can end the operations of thieves, hoodlums, kidnappers, etc that may be causing the problem in our land. If we can find people to sincerely pray these prayers, we will enter into a new world as the police officers are rebirth in truth.

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