Powerful Prayers for Court Cases

Court cases can be nerve wracking. Most people avoid clashes with the law because it is a tedious process having to battle with the State. If the outcome of the court verdict does not turn out in one’s favour, it could put a damaging dent on one’s reputation. Most companies would not hire an ex-convict or someone with a criminal record. You are somewhat regarded as a societal outcast, ostracized from your community. It can plunge one into a life of misery and despair.

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As Christians, we should never live above the law. Rather, we must always be subject to authority. Romans 13:1-2 talks about subjection to authority. It says, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves,” (NIV).

Therefore, it is imperative that we show good example as children of God by upholding the laws which govern our land. When you live as a person of impeccable character and reputation, it has tremendous advantages because people can easily vouch for you in some rare cases when you get into trouble that is inevitable. There are times when a Christian could unavoidably be entangled with the law. What happens when you mistakenly jumped a traffic light? Or when financial fraud is discovered in a company where you are the head accountant but you had nothing to do with it? Or when someone tries to mug you in the subway, you struggle to defend yourself and somehow the robber slips, hits his head hard on a railing and dies? In all these situations cited, you are most likely to be charged to court to defend your case before the prosecution. How do you explain your innocence or indiscretion?

Marie and Gloria were best friends since childhood. They grew up in a rural community along the West African coast. They attended their village high school together which had poor infrastructure with little or no learning resources to give them a proper education. They both had dreams of studying in Europe and building a great future for themselves. So when they both got awarded scholarships to study abroad, Marie left  to study social welfare in Paris, France while Gloria opted to study nursing in Vienna, Austria.

For eight years, the two friends did not physically see each other but kept in touch by exchanging e-mails. One day, Marie got news that her friend had died. Gloria had been secretly battling cervical cancer but kept it from her friend. Marie was devastated. Gloria had left behind a seven year old daughter, Valerie.  She never disclosed the identity of the girl’s father before she died so they were no known relatives from Valerie’s father’s side. Gloria was an African immigrant. All her relatives lived back in Africa. Marie was the closest thing to a relative that Valerie had left. Marie was married with four children. She naturally wanted Valerie to move over to Paris to live with her. The law however did not permit Marie because she was not a blood relative. Moreover, Gloria had never named Marie as her daughter’s legal guardian. Valerie was moved to live in an orphanage and put on social welfare.

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The thought of Valerie living in an orphanage was unbearable for Marie. She wondered what her friend would think of her not fighting to keep her only child. Marie felt she had failed her friend and sank into despair. She decided to apply to be Valerie’s legal guardian. She was ready to do whatever it takes to give the little girl a new home. She hired a lawyer. All she had to present that she was remotely close to the little girl’s late mother was a birth certificate to prove they both shared the same ethnic clan, old photographs of the two women back in high school and their email correspondence. Marie was subjected to every kind of scrutiny possible. The law examined her to see if she was an unfit mother. Colleagues in her workplace were interviewed one after the other to determine if she was a person of questionable character. Government officers visited her home to conduct private interview sessions with every single member of her family. Even her youngest child was tactically asked if Marie was a good or abusive mother. They took a tour of her home to see if the living conditions would be favourable for Valerie. They assessed her social media accounts to determine the quality of her character through the content that she posted. Marie endured every invasion of her privacy. She saw it as a small price to pay for gaining a new daughter. Each time she was scheduled to appear in court in Vienna, she would go on her knees and pray fervently for God to turn the case in her favour. She knew full well that depending on her lawyer alone to win the case was not enough. She acknowledged the one and only righteous judge, the lover and protector of every little child on earth to come to her aid.

After a long and arduous legal battle, Marie was finally declared as Valerie’s legal guardian. Valerie was allowed to spend holidays and short periods with Marie and her family until she had completed a session of school where she could be conveniently transferred from Austria to France to continue her education in a new school. Even when the situation was so bleak with no hope of ever winning legal custody over Valerie, God won the battle for Marie and set her mind at rest by helping her fulfill her duty to her best friend even in death. She got victory and peace because she backed up her legal proceedings with the trust she put in God Almighty.

Prayers for Court Case to be Dismissed and Dropped

Prayers for Victory in Court

  1. Heavenly Father, you know my heart. You know I am innocent and deserve justice. Take away my despair and distress. Calm my mind. Bestow me with your support o Lord that the verdict will be in my favour. Grant me victory in the court room, in Jesus name.
  2. Mighty God, you know the hope of the helpless. I am hopeless and in despair. I need you now more than ever! Listen to my cries and comfort me! Lend me your ear and come to my aid. I know than you walk with me wherever I go. I am confident you will go with me during this court case and stand by me in the court room. Bring me justice so that I will no longer be terrified or oppressed in Jesus name, amen.
  3. Answer me when I call o Lord of my righteousness. Settle my legal disputes o Lord, that I may be free of this tribulation. I declare in the name of Jesus that the law of the land will work in my favour in this situation.
  4. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity o Lord and cleanse me from my sin. I acknowledge my mistakes and my crimes are before me o, Lord. You desire truth in the inmost parts. You chastise your children with wisdom. Blot out my mistakes o Lord, and do not cast me from your presence. Restore my joy through victory with this case in the mighty name of Jesus, amen (Psalm 51:3-11).
  5. Judge me o Lord my God according to your righteousness and do not let them rejoice over me as said in your word in Psalm 35:24.
  6. Lord God, you are a God of justice. I know you are in control of all things, including this case. I know that the earth is yours and nothing happens without your approval. Let your divine power control the outcome of this case in my favour in Jesus name, amen.
  7. Do not be silent o Lord, over my case. Do not be far away from me. Rise for my sake and awake to my judgment according to your righteousness. (Psalm 35:18-28.)
  8. Lord, please bring forth your righteousness as the light and your judgment as noonday according to your word in Psalm 37:6.
  9. Lord, I trust you for my protection for I take refuge in you. As I battle my case in court today, it is not the lawyers that I put my trust in. I know that my court victory is in your hands because you have never failed me. I thank you in advance for helping me win this battle in Jesus name, amen.
  10. Holy Father, hear my plea for justice and listen to my cry for help. Pay attention to my prayer because it comes from a sincere heart. Declare me innocent as you do for those whose heart is upright. I pray for the scales to weigh in my favour right now in Jesus mighty name, amen.

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