Praying for Good Luck

Good luck means that one is favored in one way or the other. Everyone seeks to have good luck in their lives. A man with good luck is just like a man whose heaven has opened. At least you know that is the very point where Jesus started His ministry which He did for just three and half years, and the impact has never left the world still today. Good luck can help you achieve so much in anything.

People seek good luck in many ways. Some use satanic means, physical means, and magic to achieve good luck. Is that possible, yes, it is. Several millions of people are doing that as you read this piece. The Bible says blessings of the Lord make rich and add no sorrow. That is what it means to seek good luck with God. So, in this piece, we shall be taking a look at how to pray for good luck.

To start with, we need to state clearly that good luck may mean different things to many people. Some see it as just wishes for success but it is more than wishes. It is about the success itself. Howbeit, success is defined by whatever they want to achieve success on or in. This understanding is part of what will guide how you pray for good luck.

Praying for good luck is one prayer you with both your physical and spiritual eyes at alert so that you can take appropriate steps at the required time. Praying for good luck does not take away what needs to be done, it only adds an extra and it is that extra that gets the job done or achieves the desired success. This extra can come in different forms.

So, when some want to pray for good luck, they pray for favor, especially in things like an interview, presentation, contract, etc. Favor means that you are awarded or given the desired results without necessarily doing all that is required as required. That is what favor can do. This is exactly what some people refer to as good luck. So, praying for a favor is another way to pray for good luck.

Another thing people refer to as good luck when they ask for it is mercy. Mercy is one of the most prayed prayer points in Christianity. It has many definitions but it is popularly known as unmerited favor. That is, getting assistance or help that you do not qualify for. This is what many pray for when they need to get things done amidst other competitors. This is the good luck they seek.

Also, another way you may pray for good luck is when you ask that everything work well for you. I am sure you are not new to this prayer. Lots of people make this a part of their prayer and what they are simply saying is that good luck shines on them. Imagine if everything in a process that governs what you are about to do turns out to be working for the goal you want to achieve. Even you will say you are lucky.

Furthermore, another way people pray for good luck is by praying for opportunities. Yes, having opportunities is another way people get good luck. I am sure you would have heard about one or two people that made it and you are like the opportunities they had made them and that is why they are lucky. So, praying for opportunities to come your way is a way to pray for good luck. 

But be reminded that you must be prepared for the opportunities. If you are not prepared, you won’t even recognize the opportunities because it takes a prepared mind to notice opportunities. And if you can’t identify opportunities, there is no way you would be able to take advantage of them. So, as you pray for opportunities, be prepared to meet your opportunities. This means you need to be prepared to make your good luck work.

As I explained earlier, praying for good luck is not a prayer of miracles entirely. It means that you do your part and you require that God blesses your input. Your input can be anything based on whatever you are looking at. For instance, a student will do his part by preparing for the examination and the luck that can shine on such a student can be that he remembers what he reads or that the part he read came out in the examination.

When some other people want to pray for good luck, their intention is tantamount to what Jesus experienced at the river Jordan. It is called open heaven. Even Jesus the heaven did not just open, it was after He did His part. What was His part? His part was that He didn’t allow John to turn the baptism around. That was what John wanted to do but Jesus said it is better to fulfill righteousness. If Jesus allowed John, he won’t have experienced open heaven.

So, after Jesus His did part by allowing John the Baptist to baptize Him, that was His part to play. It was on his part that He played that good luck shined on. This is what we mean when we say praying for good luck doesn’t take away your part, it only validates your part which you must have played. Play your part, pray for the good luck and God will use it to open the doors you desire. This is another way to pray for good luck.

I believe with this, you would have understood how to pray for good luck. With these prayer points, you would achieve the same good luck you desire in your life. Though the prayer points may look familiar and somewhat different from what it means to pray for good luck at first glance, if you take your time to think about it, you will see that they are other ways to pray for good luck.

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