How to Pray for Something You Really Want

How you can Pray for Something Specific

There is a common theory in Economics about human wants being unlimited. The theory states that the resources available to satisfy these wants are limited. It is believed that the inability to satisfy these human wants is what brings about scarcity. In truth, we desire many things to live a comfortable and happy life.

These things could range from food, shelter, clothing, medicine and security which are basic wants; to cars, homes, jewelry, exotic vacations, cosmetic surgery and other numerous wants. There is nothing really wrong in wanting something and going for it. Sometimes, we find out after acquiring those things we once wanted so badly that they did not make us quite happy or content after all. We are still left with emptiness and a desire to want more things.

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How can we tell what we really want? The first step is to always have a heart of gratitude for the things we own thus far. The second step is to have a spirit of contentment. That is not to say we should not aim for better or higher things. A spirit of contentment more or less keeps the habit of greed and dissatisfaction in check. God is always more than ready to grant us our heart’s desire. While teaching, our Lord Jesus asked what man would give his hungry son a stone when he asked for bread? Or what man would give his son a snake when he asked for fish? Even in our evil nature as humans, we still strive to give good gifts to our children. How much more our heavenly Father, will He not give us good things when we ask? (Matthew 7:9-11). Jesus goes further to encourage us to ask and it shall be given. He tells us we will find what we seek and doors shall open to us when we knock. He assures us this will happen to every one of us who asks, (Matthew 7:7-8). The bible says, “The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and added no sorrow, (Proverbs 10:22 KJV). The beauty about getting what we want from God is that it fills us with joy, peace and contentment. God’s blessings make us whole.

There are several things to consider when asking God for something you really want. Firstly, it is important have a quality relationship with God. How often do you seek His face? How deliberate are you in spreading God’s love and the message of His salvation? How selfless are you? Matthew 6:33 clearly explains this. When you go after those things which promotes God’s kingdom, the rewards are practically endless. This is not to say that God won’t grant your request if you are not a believer. It simply means that you’ll be better able to gain access to His grace and favour if you have a relationship with him. It is important to praise God and seek for forgiveness of sins before asking him to give you what you want. Secondly, ask for God to work His will in your life. After this, you can then ask God for what you really want. When you do this, be honest and specific with your request. Ask with the belief that your request has been granted already. Be patient and believe that God will act on it. Thank Him in advance for granting your request. Sometimes, the answer to your prayer may not come exactly as you wished for. Be confident in the knowledge that God knows what is best for you at a particular time and season and blesses you according to His will and purpose for your life.


Kayla is a 39 year old business executive living in Baltimore, Maryland. As a self made African American woman she has been told several times by her family and friends that it would be almost impossible for her to meet and marry the man of her dreams because most men would find her quite intimidating. With a luxury home in Scaggville, Howard County, a luxury car and her privately owned company grossing in seven figures annually in per capita income, it just seemed that Kayla’s life was more of a financial success with no luck in the love department. She knew specifically what she wanted in a man. He must be born again, educated and handsome. He must be a confident man; capable of engaging her in intelligent conversation and must have a vast knowledge on different subjects. He must be financially independent and not be intimidated if she earns higher than him. He must be an honest and affectionate man. Kayla knew that she really wanted a man with all these qualities if she must settle down as a happily married woman. She knew that she had to ask God to mould such a man and send him right to her. In her prayer, she acknowledged first how much God had blessed her and how grateful she was to God for making her a recipient of all his divine blessings. She then listed all the qualities she wanted in her future husband and called them out one by one in God’s presence. She prayed fervently about this for two years until one day she ran into Jacob. He worked as a stockbroker in a large firm and had booked an appointment with her to present a business pitch. They fixed a date to discuss the business further. During their interactions, an attraction sparked off between them and they started dating. Before long, they fell in love. Jacob practically checked all the qualities in Kayla’s boxes. They later got married in a small intimate wedding. God had answered her prayers and sent her the perfect man when it seemed those shoes were too big to be filled by any man.


Whatever it is that you desire, ask God in faith. Be confident that He is loving and kind to meet you at every point of your need. Here is how you can pray for what you really want.


Prayer Points

  1. Thank you heavenly Father for keeping me alive and well to see this day. I realize that without life, I am unable to strive for greater things. Thank you for everything you have blessed me with thus far.
  2. Lord, I am grateful for all the things I have achieved so far. I bless your holy name for being counted worthy to be a recipient of your favour. Accept my gratitude in Jesus name, amen.
  3. Lord, I confess my sins and any iniquity that may disconnect me from your favour. I ask for your forgiveness, Father. Grant me divine protection against any arrow of the devil shot at my weaknesses in Jesus name, amen.
  4. O Lord, if there is anything I may have done that is hindering your blessings from locating me, I plead the blood of Jesus as redemption for my wrong doing in the mighty name of Jesus, amen.
  5. Lord, I really want you to bless me with these things (be specific and list what you want one by one). I know that I will find fulfillment when these things I want become a part of my life. I declare myself a recipient whose mouth is satisfied with good things from the Lord in Jesus name, amen (Psalm 103:5).
  6. Lord, I invite you to move in my life according to your mighty power. Perfect all that concerns me according to your will and purpose for my life. Fill me with your grace, favour and abundant blessings in Jesus name, amen.
  7. O Lord, hasten to answer my prayer. Do it so that the world may truly see your hand in my life and the miracles that you wrought for those whom you have called and set aside as your own.
  8. Grant me the grace and strength to wait patiently without fail for your blessing. No matter how long it takes or no matter how weary the wait may make me feel, strengthen me o Lord to wait patiently for your appointed time in Jesus name, amen.
  9. I trust you heavenly Father to give me all that my heart desires. For you will never give me stone when I ask for bread, or a snake when I ask for fish. Every good and perfect gift comes from you and I know you will send the perfect gift to me in Jesus mighty name, amen.
  10. You are God and there is nothing impossible for you to do. Is there anything too hard for my God? You created the heavens and the earth with only the word of your command. Father, send your word for my gift to be made manifest in Jesus mighty name amen.
  11. Lord, you said we should ask and we shall be given. I ask you now for this (call it by name). Give it to me please Lord, I ask in Jesus mighty name, amen.

Thank you Father for answered prayers, for I pray all this in Jesus mighty name, amen.

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