How to Pray for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare Workers are not just mere people giving drugs, caring for, and providing health remedies. Even though this is what they do in the physical but their impact is much more than these listed things. Healthcare Workers are people God uses to save lives and restore normalcy to failing health. The truth is, they are gatekeepers securing the exit and entrance through untimely death.

For such a great work that they do both Satan and God are interested in them. God has sent them to help mankind but the devil wants to either have them or use them to destroy mankind. This is where our prayers for them come in. Without standing in the gap for healthcare workers, Satan would use them to be about exactly what God wants to prevent. So, here are prayer points for healthcare workers;

Powerful Prayers for Healthcare Workers

  1. Father, we thank you for our healthcare workers. Thank you because we have some people working tirelessly to ensure we all are safe and healthy. Thank you for the provision of these ones, and your support for them while they discharge their sacred duties to humanity. It has been by your power and might that has kept them in service. Thank you for all healthcare workers in Jesus’ name.
  2. Our God and our father, we bless your holy name for working with their care and intelligence to restore people from all sorts of diseases and infections, especially during the global pandemic. Thank you Jesus for blessing the work of their hands to give humanity hope of survival. Thank you for the inspiration to provide remedies for health issues in Jesus’ name. Thank you for making the health remedies work as they treat people with them in Jesus’ name.
  3. Father, we bring all our healthcare workers before you, they have been the ones ensuring that we live to stay healthy, Lord please grant them divine health so that they may be able to further fight diseases and infections in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus, the great physician please bless these ones with divine health in the name of Jesus. Let not what they are fighting to fight them in Jesus’ name.
  4. Jesus, we seek deeper insight, inspiration, and wisdom to create solutions for health challenges in the name of Jesus. That amidst panic and fear of death arising because of health challenges, you will grant them solutions in the name of Jesus. That remedies will come and they will never run out of ideas that will solve all issues in Jesus’ name. Grant them inspiration to solve health challenges and problems in the name of Jesus.
  5. Father, we pray for our healthcare workers that you grant them safety in the name of Jesus. Divine safety is what we pray for in the name of Jesus. That even as they discharge their duties, keep them safe in Jesus’ name. And when they are out of official duty, let your safety be strong over their lives in the name of Jesus. Their going out and coming in are secured in Jesus’ name.


  1. Father, we pray that you grant our healthcare workers the Midas touch in the name of Jesus. That as they attend to people with different health challenges, they receive their healing faster and beyond human comprehension in the name of Jesus. Father, grant them the Midas touch in the name of Jesus. Father hold their hands and works with them in Jesus’ name.
  2. Father, as we have the healthcare workers to treat and stop infections and diseases, may they not be the ones transmitting the diseases and infections in the name of Jesus. Let them not become the devil passing the sickness and diseases to different people either ignorantly or intentionally in the name of Jesus. In whatever way they may fall into this satanic agenda, Lord, make them wiser than whatever the satanic agenda may be in Jesus’ name.
  3. Lord, we pray that you grant them the fear of the Lord like the midwives in Egypt so that they will not become agents of death working for the devil in the name of Jesus. Lord, the heart of kings and men are all in your hands, please fill the heart of our healthcare workers with your fear that they may protect lives and not take them in Jesus’ name. Lord, please fill their heart with love and fear of the Lord in the name of Jesus.
  4. Father, we pray that you meet with every agent of death working as a healthcare worker in Jesus’ name. Just as you meet with Saul at Damascus, please meet with them and transform them into tools in your hand in the name of Jesus. Jesus, please reach out to them in your majesty, show them that you are God, and convert them to agents of your dear kingdom in Jesus’ name.
  5. Father, for all unrepentant agents of darkness working in the healthcare system, judge them by your mighty power in the name of Jesus. Arise oh Lord, and let your enemies in the healthcare system scatter in the name of Jesus. As many as they may be in the healthcare system working for the devil, Lord unveils them and judge them in Jesus’ name. Let every protection they have betray them in Jesus’ name.
  6. Lord Jesus, let every healthcare worker that is being persecuted for standing by the truth, and the ethics of the job be marvelously helped in the name of Jesus. Lord, silence every persecutor of the righteous healthcare workers in the name of Jesus. Let them have peace and rest in the name of Jesus Christ. Father, exalt the righteous healthcare workers into power so that the right policies can be made and implemented in Jesus’ name.

With these prayer points, we all can keep the watch over our healthcare workers and the healthcare system. This is important if we must keep our land in order, prevent untimely death, prevent staying too long without health remedies, etc. We all must keep the watch and keep our land. So, pray the prayers with all sincerity, we need God to move and that is possible only with sincere prayers.

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