Prayer to Cancel Death in My Family

Death is one of the menace people fight with everything they have in the way they know best when they have the opportunity. Nobody wants to die and no one wants to lose a loved one to the cold hands of death.

So, when there is an opportunity to fight death, somehow everyone comes around finds a way to bring it down. No one can bear the thought of losing their relative forever. So, death became the common enemy.

Although several people believe death can neither be stopped nor deferred. They think once it comes, the human spirit must give way. While this may be true, it is not the total truth. The total truth is that death can turn back too when the prayer against it is done right in accordance with the scriptures and will of God. After all, God will never do against his words and He will always move in the direction of His will. You can therefore take advantage of these two things in a serious prayer like this to get your result.


So, in this piece, we shall be looking at prayer to cancel death in my family and as well raised two prayer points for this purpose. Keep in mind that if there are people to pray, there is a God that can answer prayers. And He will answer if it is well done based on His terms per time. Prayer can be used to avert many things and can also be used to change many things. Just do it right and make sure it is loaded with valid words that can deliver the results you seek.

Prayers against the spirit of death in my family

To begin with, we must understand that when there is a need to raise prayer points to stop death in the family, there are two possible scenarios. We shall take a look at each scenario and raise one prayer point for each of the scenarios. The first scenario is when there is an existing death toll in the family. Usually when you have lost two or more people in a short time or a similar kind of death within a short time. Such deaths may come with some suspicion.


For such a case as this, one of the likely truths that may have given way for such a death rate is a spiritual legal matter. That means someone has done something somewhere that has given death sentence capacity to afflict the family members. In such a case, death cannot stop until the issue is addressed and good judgment is obtained in favor of the family. Therefore, prayers must be channeled to understand the cause and as well silent death in the family.

How do you pray over your family?

Such a prayer point would look like this, “Lord, uncover the cause of death in the family and let your mercy put an end to it” An important reason we are ending the prayer point with mercy is that mercy prevails over judgment (James 2:13). So, even if one family member or more is guilty and has brought the death over the family legally, mercy can settle it. Mercy can override the legal grounds of death over such a family because it is a judgment that makes death rule in the first place.


The second reason this kind of prayer may be required for the family is if there are warnings about deaths coming. The warning may be by dreams, verbal prophesies, etc. Once again when there are warnings like this, it means something has opened the door for it. Death doesn’t just come like that. So it is still wise to find out why. But there are times that the urgency may mean that you need to swing into action immediately. Please note that you still need to know the cause so that you don’t fall into it by any means again.


One of the best ways to combat or cancel death in the family is to hang on to the scriptures and pray the scriptures. So, read aloud and pray the scriptures in Psalm 118:17. Your prayer point will be something like this, “Lord, your word in Psalm 118:17 says we will not die but live to declare your works in Jesus’ name” Pray this prayer point sincerely, I mean be ready to declare His works truly and not just mere speaking. Many people got a chance to remain alive because they made this same declaration wholeheartedly.


Now, to get results with either of these two prayer points, there are three important things to keep in mind. They must be strictly adhered to if death must be canceled truly. First is that everyone must agree to put an end to the death menace where it is causing havoc already. The prayer must be done in agreement. This will mean that everyone is ready for the solution. It won’t be some pushing for deliverance while some others are not ready. A divided home cannot stand!


The second thing that is important is that the prayers must be prayed in truth and indeed. It should not be done religiously. For serious warfare like this, it can not be done as though they are doing it for doing sake. This will be like sending an unprepared soldier to war. That may be catastrophic. Everyone praying must pray with the whole of their heart. This is because a prayer that doesn’t affect the heart of the person praying can not achieve any result because it can’t move God into action. Not even for a serious issue like this.

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The third and last thing is that for prayer like this, sometimes it may come with a certain instruction. This will usually contain things that must be done depending on the cause or what gives the spirit of death legal ground. Such a step may be carried out by one or all the living family members. It is a prophetic step and it may not always make sense to anyone in the physical. But in the spiritual, it will be the legal response to checkmate death in the family.

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