Prayer for a Disrespectful Daughter

It is always very heartbreaking to see a Christian family who has a disrespectful, rebellious and sin-bound children especially when it has to do with the girl child, who seems to have been trapped deeply and bound so strongly by the devil, that it seems like she can no longer be recovered again and brought back to her right senses.

Situations like having a rebellious or stubborn girl in the house who takes delight in doing anything that is disrespectful to the parents has caused a lot of parents serious heartbreaks and in most cases series of terminal ailments resulting from worries and depression.

A Lot of prayers are frequently and incessantly made by the affected parents on behalf of their daughter due to disappointments and heartbreaks, but often times there’s little or no answer due to the lack of adequate and right application of the principles of warfare prayer, when dealing with such critical situations.

Let me give you some practical examples of faith prayers that is highly recommended for any Christian parents who wants to see their daughter change from her bad behaviors and become very humble, respectful and very obedient to their words and to God’s words.

Simple Prayers for a Disrespectful Daughter

Dear Merciful Father, I go on my knees to submissively plead on behalf of my dear daughter Jennifer K. Oswalt. I lift her up before You and present her before the throne of grace and mercy in Jesus name. I thank you blessed Father for ever loving her with the purest form of love. I sincerely thank you for giving her to us as a precious daughter to love, care for and to nurture her in ways of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are very sorry for our failure to guide and lead her in the ways of Christ. I know that even In this her depths of sin and disobedience, You can still make things alright and change her for good and cause your name to be glorified in her life.

According to 2cor 10 vs 4-5, I stand on the words of God and bring the power of Jesus against all the powers of darkness that has bound Jennifer and has held her captive. I pray that the victory of Jesus Christ at cross of Calvary and His victory over sin and the grave destroys all the works of darkness in her life and I  liberate her from their grips in the mighty name of Jesus. I ask that the Holy Spirit move and work in her heart and life and convict her of her disrespectful behavior, of righteousness and of  judgement. I confess all of Jennifer’s sins and evil doings and I plead for your great mercies upon her very life. I plead the precious and powerful blood of Jesus over her disrespectful life and I earnestly wait in faith for the Holy Spirit to bring her to real and full repentance in  the precious name of Jesus. Amen.

Here is another very practical and powerful prayer illustration for you to follow in praying for your daughter

Dear Lord, I lift up my daughter Jennifer K.Oswalt before you. You know what we’ve been through all this while, the pain and sorrows and how much we have prayed and cried bitterly with deep groanings  because of Jennifer’s ill and  disrespectful behavior. But first Lord, I want to humbly thank you for the blessing and gift of a child which you gave to us, we are very grateful for that. Lord, I present and give her back to you Lord as your very own daughter and precious child whom you so much love and cherish.

In Jesus name, I pray that this heavy burden and pain of this my daughter’s situation will immediately leave my heart and that you dear Lord will flood my heart with your own peace and pure love for my daughter Jennifer. In Jesus mighty name I pray, I cast out every foul spirit of rebellion and disobedience out of my daughter’s life, I reclaim her life and soul for the kingdom of God. I pray that the great plans and the very purpose of God for my daughter will not be thwarted, destroyed and  defeated by the devil and his agents. I pray that she must fulfill her calling and divine mandate on this earth. I come against and I destroy every foothold and strongholds of the devil in her life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Father,  I pray that you will fully open my daughter’s eyes and heart to see the darkness she’s into and the awfulness of her disrespectful behaviors and I pray that she sees  what you have in store for her. please Lord make her know that obedience pays and that there’s a huge blessing for any respectful child. Help my girl to live right and obediently. Dear Lord, send good friends into her life. Protect her from the devil’s hands and from all his evil plans against her life and her destiny in Jesus name. Amen.

In Jesus name, Lord I refuse that my daughter will become a wayward, disrespectful and disobedient girl. With faith I see my daughter becoming very respectful and humble again to my instructions and to God’s instructions in Jesus name, amen.

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If you have wholeheartedly prayed any of the prayers with faith we sincerely join our faith with your own faith and we join you to keep trusting and holding unto God for a great and positive change in your daughter’s life. We will also recommend that you pray this prayer very early in the morning and in the night before going to bed, and don’t doubt what God can do with your prayers, remember God answers prayers that are prayed with faith even faith as little as a mustard seed. God bless you abundantly and We sincerely hope that our article have been of a great help to you in praying for a change in your life and in the life of your daughter and entire family. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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