Prayers for Concentration

Concentration is key in life if one must achieve or get anything worthwhile done. While it is seen as an attitude issue, many would not agree that it is something that should be a prayer point. Most people would encourage you to plan your way or activities in a way that will help you to stay focused. Though this is true, there is more to concentration.

the power of concentration

In the same way that the loss of concentration can be physical, it can also be spiritual too. It won’t be too good to try to address a spiritual matter with some kind of head tactics. Even if it is a physical issue and you pray sincerely, God will lead you through as an answer to your prayer. He will guide you with steps that will help to resolve the issue. Just be sure you are not the architect of your distractions and be sure that you really mean to enhance your concentration.

As you already know that concentration is a major requirement for success. To achieve this, you would need more than a mere attitudinal recipe. This is not to downplay the use of attitudinal tools to achieve concentration. It is meant to help you grasp the spiritual side to concentration and raise an altar to achieve it. While you are putting in the attitudinal change tools to help achieve concentration, balance it with the spiritual tool which is prayer.

Speaking about concentration, there are two ways to view this. The way you view it will determine how you handle it and what you pray. As Christians, sometimes the distraction comes because the devil doesn’t want us to fulfill God’s mandate for our lives. To this end, the devil can make use of different tactics to achieve his goal. As long as it keeps your eye off the goal for a season or more. The tools can either be good things or bad things (based on our definition).

This means that some opportunities can come just to take our eyes off the goal. While we are rejoicing for the said opportunities, the devil will be happy he is taking off the focus. In the same vein, the devil can give room for trials and challenges to make sure you lose concentration. He knows that once you begin to see relief from pain, you won’t have the zeal to stay concentrated. So, the prayer for concentration is a bit dicey if you think about these sides.

Before you begin to pray for concentration, especially on ministry, life, projects, etc. It is expedient to know that those prayers may take away some things you may call opportunities to keep you focused. So, please know what to expect. But of course, anything that will not help you to have the concentration to achieve your goals is not worth calling an opportunity. So, anything under such a category is a pitfall. If you move with this mindset then you are ready to achieve your goals.

Special Prayers for Concentration and Focus

Our first prayer point in line with achieving concentration will be something like, Lord, help me to stay focused on this project. Even if it is on your calling as a Christian, you can pray the same prayer point that God will help you to stay focused. Since we know that success rate is dependent on how focused we are on a project or whatever we want to achieve, then it becomes imperative to remain focused until the goal is achieved. Therefore, it is needful to do all you can to keep yourself focused.

You may still pray the same prayer in different ways such as “Lord grant me the staying power to achieve my goals or fulfill my dreams. Father, help me to stick to the goal until it is achieved. Let not my focus shift from the goal ahead. In the same way, you help Jesus to keep his eye on the goal as recorded in the Hebrews 12:2, and He succeeded, don’t let me fail Lord. Help me to maintain concentration. Because even our Lord Jesus Christ maintained concentration to achieve the salvation goal for us.

The second prayer we would like to raise to keep our concentration may sound like, “Lord help me not to lose sight of the goal ahead of me. Father, fill my mind and reasoning with everything that I need to achieve the goal ahead of me. This is by far one of the greatest concentration prayers you can pray for yourself. When your mind is filled with everything concerning the goal, your concentration will stay full on the goal.

Keep the prayer going on with the whole of your heart. Lord, take out whatever that is set to take away my concentration. Anything that is causing me a distraction, please take it off me, Lord. The truth is that you will have a concentration. It might not just be the right thing. So, you can pray that God will redirect your concentration to what really matters to Him or a particular project. Please, Lord, help me to take my concentration off the wrong places and place it on what matters to you in my life.

Think about the Apostles, why do you think they could stay true to the Gospel in spite of the challenges and persecutions. They had their focus on the goal which is to make sure the gospel goes around. Take Paul for instance, even when prophet Agabus told him he would be bound, Paul said he was ready to die too. Focus truly blinds and that is what happened there. The concentration blinds Paul to see the effect of what death will do to him. That is the power of concentration!

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With full concentration on anything comes innovation and problem solving on whatever is standing as a stumbling block. This is an important reason why concentration should not be handled with hands of levity. It must be taken very seriously. Pray the prayers with the whole of your heart until you have assurance in your spirit that it is settled.

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