Prayer for Mother In Law

How do I pray for my mother in law?

One of the things that happen when you get married is that your family extended as you create your own family. To this end, another set of relationships begin to erupt. They are called in-laws. One of such significant in-law relationships is the mother-in-law. That is the mother of your spouse. To nourish this relationship, you care, pray, and communicate with your mother-in-law.

So, in this piece we shall be taking a look at prayer point for mother-in-laws. Also, we would be raising two of such prayer points together. Praying for a mother in law is not any different from you praying for your mother. Is it? After all, she is your new acquired mother too. If she gave birth to your spouse then she is old enough to give birth to you too. As you love your spouse, care for the mother too.


The prayer for mother in law is a prayer for the elderly. In such a case many things come to mind. I mean there are several things you can pray on for mother in law especially if you interact very closely. You may possibly raise prayer points in line with their current need. And you can as well raise prayer points on the general need of such age group.


So, to raise prayer points for mother in law, I think it is best you raise prayer points based on what truly matters to them. Well, for mothers-in-law, what seems to be important to them is either their health (for those with health challenges), grandchildren (those who have grandchildren already) or their children. The problem with this list is that it is not about them. It is about people they love except for those with health issues.


One of the best prayer points that you can raise and pray for mothers-in-law that will be about them is about them and their God. At this stage of their life, lots of things should not bother them. After all, they are living their last days already. So, it is their return to God that should be of concern at this point. It is not a bad idea if you raise a prayer point to facilitate a safe landing with God.


What do I mean by safe landing? I mean the prayer point will be something like this, “Lord, grant her mercy to right all her wrongs so that she can have a happy ending with you” If you ask me, this is by far the most important prayer point she needs. Of what value or importance is a life well celebrated on earth but ends on a bad note with God after everything. This is the best gift of prayer you can ever gift anyone. And prayer in itself is a great gift you can ever give anyone.


Another prayer point you can pray for your mother in law is on their health. From the earlier mentioned list, this is the only thing that touches her directly in the list. For elderly women, health is very key. At least if you need her to still be around, you will need to get involved in her health issues. It is most likely that she might be going in and out of the hospital. You know different health conditions come with ageing. This is an important reason she might need this prayer.


If she is already going in and out of the hospital, then it’s a prayer point that will be timely and accurate. Many would feel it’s a waste of time since she is already old. Well, Jesus is the great physician and He doesn’t segregate the people who seek healing irrespective of age, colour, raise, etc. God is more than willing to heal anyone and make the body great again. If there is someone to ask, it would be given. Therefore, pray it through for your mother-in-law.


You will need to pray this prayer based on how much love you have for them. So, the prayer point can be, “Lord Jesus Christ, the great physician please visit my mother in law” If you don’t pray this prayer for her, even you won’t have peace of mind. This is a matter that will be affecting your spouse seriously. The love you have for your spouse and mother in law won’t keep your mind at rest as she goes in and out of the hospitals.


It is God’s will that people be strong even in their old age. Remember what Caleb said at age 80, his strength didn’t reduce as he had 40 years before that time. That wasn’t an exaggeration! What of Moses? His eyes did not go deem even at an age we would consider as a grandpa age today. It, therefore, means that anyone can be strong and be living in full health. Your mother in law too can have her health back. All you need to do is to intercede for her.


With these prayer points, you can pray for your mother in law and be blessed too. You are wondering what I mean by you being blessed by this. I will explain- Remember that as you pray for her, you are also sowing a seed for yourself. You will one day become an in-law too. The seed will germinate and a harvest will come. When the harvest comes you may not even remember that you have sown a seed of such.


Lastly, it is important to note that such a prayer should not be once in a while. Make it a habit to lift your mother in law in prayer all the time. At least remember her in your prayer daily. It doesn’t have to be a long prayer. Even if it is 5 minutes, as long as it is a sincere prayer from your heart, God can do a lot of things with that prayer. Jesus’ prayers that birth miracles were not long prayers. They were brief and short but with a connected heart with God.

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