Prayer for Moving to a New Place

Moving into a new place is not as simple as it sounds. It is more than just packing your things into the empty building. There are things that must be addressed. Packing your things into a new place whether rented or newly built, requires that you put things in place both physically and spiritually. While you do cleaning for the physical, spiritual requires much more. This piece, it’s about the spiritual dimension of making things fine as you move into a new place.

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I supposed you have prayed about your movement to this new place and you are sure that God is asking you to move there. As Kingdom people, we do not just move to places without having God’s word for the movement. Remember that Naomi went out of Bethlehem in search of bread. That movement made her lose everything she had because she went to where God was not with her. So, it is important to be where God wants you to be. That is the only guarantee that things will work out fine for you irrespective of the situation there. If this is settled, then we can begin to look at praying before moving in.

First, it is important to know what to pray about when moving into a new place as well as why you need to pray such prayer points. We don’t just start praying without a good understanding. These two things will guide our prayer points for moving into a new place. Sometimes God can show you the spiritual aural of the place you are moving into. You will need to pray based on the information revealed. You can as well pick prayer points based on your observations in the area. And of course, you would still need to sanctify the place with some prayers.

The earth is spiritual, and you need to understand that. That is why the new place you are moving into has a spiritual worth. As you interact with the new place, you would also interact with the spiritual worth of the place. The issue is not the fact that the place has spiritual worth, it is what that spiritual world holds and the impact on your life that matters. If you don’t take care of this, the spiritual aspect of the place may negatively impact your life. This is why you need to address it before it starts at all.

As a Christian, you should have an understanding of the spiritual world of the place you are moving to is. This is key for Christians. Location matters, this is why God moved Abraham out of Ur of Chaldeans. And that is true of many other characters in the Bible. No location is spiritually empty, there are forces, powers, and principalities in every location. In addition to these, there are altars that you may need to deal with. If not they will deal with you. That is why you need to war through prayer.

Prayers for moving into a new home

Altars and principalities are the determinants of what eventually happens in a location. And what happens in any location affects the people in the location. So, our first prayer point will be, God break every negative altar in this environment in Jesus’ name. Lord let your light shine and overcome all darkness in this area. As I have come to this new place, let every darkness be shut down. Your light must shine in Jesus’ name. Lord, even if darkness had been ruling here before, I have come, let your light reign. Darkness and light cannot cohabit, therefore light must shine in Jesus’ name.

Lord, let every altar that stands against destinies in this area be shut down in Jesus’ name. My destiny is not for sale. I have come here whole, I will not be surcharged in Jesus’ name. Everywhere my feet hit, it is taken for me to the glory of the Lord in Jesus’ name. These are things to emphasize in prayers. My prosperity and greatness are not for sale. Let every satanic gathering and project be destroyed in this environment. Jesus takes absolute control of this new place in Jesus’ name. Pray this prayer until you have the assurance that things are in a good place.

Sometimes when you pray some of these prayers, God may begin to show you secrets. These secrets are not for knowledge’s sake. People may begin to share some details or you may have dreams, revelations, trans, etc. They are meant to help you direct the prayer to the appropriate issues. Also, God may give you some specific steps to take to undo the wickedness and evils in the land or the building. Remember how Elisha instructed them to take some salt and pour it into the water, and that was how the land was healed.

The second prayer for moving into a new place that is quite important is sanctifying the place before you move. This is important because spiritual things are key. Sanctifying the new place may mean the number of things that include but are not limited to taking bad things out of the place in the spiritual scene or that you are returning the place to the original design of God. It can as well mean that the place is spiritually polluted. By sanctifying it, the place will be clean. However, these two things are very key before moving in.

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So, prayer maybe something like, Lord, sanctify this place and fill it with your presence. Let this place be filled with your presence Lord. The word of the Lord already says anything is good if it is sanctified with the word of the Lord. So, sanctify the new place with the word of God. It is stated in Psalm 24 that the earth is of the Lord. And as long as the earth is of the Lord, He can sanctify it for you. You may need to claim the location for the Lord. This is exactly what it means to pray before moving into a new place. It must be won spiritually before you move in.

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