Prayers for Perseverance

Perseverance is an important part of our journey as Christians. This is because we can’t get anything done or achieve anything worthwhile in the kingdom without perseverance. Perseverance is key because there will be a need for this. Challenges will come in different ways and it is by perseverance that you will overcome them. God needs your perseverance as a tool to justify help for you. This is one of the reasons you will need to pray for perseverance. So, in this piece, we shall look at prayers for perseverance.

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To start with, what is perseverance? In a few words count, it means the ability to strive to do or continue something despite the difficulty in achieving success on that thing. The truth is that anything worthwhile will come with some challenges and your ability to remain on course to achieve the goal matters a lot. Many people have lost out on a project just when they were close to achieving success because they have low perseverance. Because of how difficult this may be, you need to pray it through.


The Bible spoke about the devil as the accuser of the brethren as well as the adversary of the brethren is always seeking ways to make the children of light lose out on God. One of the ways he does that is to use discouragement through events and situations so that you would no longer stay focused to achieve God’s plan for your life. If this Satanic goal works out, it then means that your perseverance is low. This is why perseverance is more than ordinary persistence. It is a spiritual fight sometimes.


We need to understand that prayer on perseverance can be prayed based on some understanding. You are either praying to persevere on a particular matter (usually during hard times) or for your Christian journey. This is because it is the devil’s goal to see that no Christian achieves his Kingdom goal or live righteously. The quality of our perseverance tells the quality of our sonship in the kingdom. If our perseverance is low, we can’t really have much success or do much for God. Sometimes, perseverance is all you need to achieve God’s promises.

Powerful Prayers for Perseverance in Faith

The first prayer to enhance your perseverance will be something like, Lord grant me the staying power. Lord, help me so that I don’t get sifted away. Help me to persevere. That in the midst of challenges, my anchor will old for God and His course for my life.  Since challenges will come and God expects that I go on in spite of the troubles. Lord help me to remain in you. Just add to my perseverance threshold. Where my ability ends as a Human, help me with divinity so that I will not disappoint you in any way.


If you read through the scriptures, you will realize great men have persevered because of God’s help. So, it is important that you seek God’s help so that you can persevere. Perseverance is not easy without God’s help. This is why you need to keep asking for God’s help. God, help me. I need you to be able to stand. I am nothing without you, Lord. Just help me to persevere. Equip me with all that I need to be able to stand in the days of challenges. Let your mercy make everything available for me to be able to stand.


Apart from praying the prayer through the view of God’s help, there is another way to pray the prayer. That is praying the prayer in line of strength. Perseverance may hang on two things which are God’s help and strength. The first prayer has addressed the first. We would need to address the second part. For strength, strength is key in this kingdom in a lot of things. By strength, we do not mean physical energy. It is the spiritual strength that is being referred to here. Without spiritual strength, nothing works out.


The Bible says if you fail in the day of adversity, it means your strength is little. This means when challenges hit on any matter, project, or Christian journey if you fail then your strength is not much. That means strength matters and that is what determines how much you can persevere. Therefore, a prayer like, God please add to my strength. Let my strength increase so that I can be able to stand in the days of challenges. I need strength Lord! Please give me strength for the days ahead.


Another way to say the prayer may be to seek strength that can surpass the challenges. Once you have enough strength that surpasses the challenges, you will be able to persevere until success comes. Lord, grant me strength more than the challenges I have now and the challenges in the days to come. I need to have the strength to stand for you Lord, just grant me strength. Bless me with the strength I need to persevere until success comes. I can’t do this by my own strength, Lord. Just help me!


This is not mean that we are praying for bad things to happen so that we can be able to withstand them. No, there is a difference between challenges for success and problems. Every student knows that they will write and pass an exam or test before they can be pronounced as successful. That doesn’t mean the examination or test is bad. It is just a process. Becoming a great too is not different. Everything worthwhile is structured like that. So, get prepared and pray the prayers through with that understanding.

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Perseverance can only be tested in hard times. Until you go through one, you can’t tell if you have perseverance yet. Note that if you intend to finish the Christian race strong, your perseverance must be high. It is the same with anyone willing to achieve great things for God. You can’t do that without perseverance. Perseverance is key in this kingdom. In truth, you can not be a good Christian without perseverance.

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