Prayer to Heal Lungs Disease

Generally, healing is all about the redemption of failing health in any body part or the replacement of condemned body parts. In this piece, we shall be taking a look at spiritual healing as a process and we would raise two prayer points for the healing of the lungs. Please, take your time to read through it till the end.

Healing Lungs Disease - Prayer PointsWhen it comes to healing, there are two important things about it in our kingdom. If you run through the scriptures to see places where Jesus healed people, these two things are always present. The situations are not different from what we have today. After all, God doesn’t change, He is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

The first thing to notice is faith. Healing requires faith and you must understand this as the basic principle behind receiving healing. There is no scripture on healing that doesn’t advocate for the faith to bring it to pass. It either says it silently or evidently loud. You must have a certain amount of faith to receive healing, especially on terminal health issues.

The second thing you need to keep in your mind about healing is that there are statutory dictates or laws in the kingdom for anyone to receive healing as far as you are part of the kingdom. What does this mean? It means that God has already made provision for your healing. God is more than willing to heal you and that is why there are statutory laws that make it available. It is left to you to either receive it or despise it. So let’s talk about how to get your healing with two prayer points.

To get your healing in Christ Jesus, you must have a level of faith that says, Jesus has healed me. Your faith must recognize Jesus as the great physician right from the depth of your spirit. This is not about head knowledge. Secondly, choose one of the statutory dictates on healing that works with your faith and then use it to demand your healing. Demand it until it happens. You must understand that laws that are not enforced may not be followed or respected.

Having said that, let’s now raise two prayer points in line with our discussion. I believe your faith is at the full bar now to receive your healing. Our first prayer point is on the provision made at the cross. Yes, it was the cross that Jesus made a down payment for our healing. It was stated in Isaiah 53:5 and 1 Peter 2:24. The provision says that by the beating of Jesus when he was crucified, our healing is assured. And if you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, then this is for you.

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So, all you need to do is to pray for the manifestation of this kingdom’s truth in the concerned body parts. In this case, it is your lungs. You may pray like this, Lord, let the healing you provided with your crucifixion be manifested in my lungs. As you pray the prayer, run your hands down as you pray. You will need to remind Jesus and justify the reason that your lungs must be healed because Jesus made the down payment for your healing with the stripes of his pain.

Let’s try to raise another prayer point for the healing of the lungs. As discussed above, we will raise the prayer point in line with one of the statutory laws for healing made possible by the scriptures. We shall be picking this from the general epistle written by James. We see that in the fifth chapter, verses 14 and 15. From these two verses, we another condition of getting healing in the kingdom. If you follow the word of God just the way it is, you will have your healing quickened and delivered.

It says if you are sick, simply call an elder to pray and anoint you for your healing and it will be so. I love this particular provision because it takes into account the cause of the sickness. It says, even if the sickness is caused by sin as long as you follow this laid down process you will have your sin forgiven and your healing will be delivered. That is a double blessing and it is made possible only by the dictates of the Scripture. With this in mind, we can easily raise a prayer point.

So, how do you raise a prayer point in this case since you are the one praying it? Well, it is simply because you still need to tell the elder what your prayer point is. No Pastor or elder answers a call for prayers without asking what your prayer point is. So, when the elder asks what your prayer point is, simply say; Lord, heal my lungs totally from every illness in accordance to James 5:14. It is important that the elder reiterate the dictates of James 5:14-15 because the healing hangs on obeying it which is what you have done.

Also, it is pertinent to tell the elder the truth that surrounds the disease or illness. If it came as a result of your sin, then confess it. This is part of the dictates of this spiritual process. Don’t waste time or prolong your healing. Remember that if you cover your sin, the Bible already says such an individual will not succeed. So, if you are following a path made possible by the Bible, follow it wholly and wholeheartedly. Leave no stone unturned and give no place to the devil.

With these prayer points, you will be able to harness your healing. God has made the provision, go ahead and demand what is truly yours. If God is not ready to heal, He won’t make provision for healing with different legislation in the scriptures. Even Jesus went about healing people. This is well x-rayed in Acts 10:38. God anointed Jesus for this purpose, so he is willing to heal all.

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