Prayer for Loss of Husband

Prayers for a widow who just lost her husband

The loss of a loved one is no doubt one of the most painful experiences anyone can have. Losing someone with the fact that you will never see them again comes with some trauma. The loss of a husband is no different, and it is extremely painful irrespective of the age of the couple involved. It is an undeniable tearing down event. This is usually a turning point for women as they would have to learn to live without their husbands.

At the moment of the husband’s demise, women move into a new status of widowhood. This is usually one of the toughest times of their lives. If it is not well managed by friends and family, the newly turned widow may be another corpse even before burial. To manage this situation, three things are needed. This includes the physical presence of people, words of encouragement, and prayers. Material gifts are also important even in grieving moment. This piece is about raising prayer points for the new widow. Lets take a look at how to lift her in prayers.


Understand that when a woman loses her husband, she has lost a companion and a soul mate. No matter how short they lived together, there is a void that will be created in her heart. This is why it is most painful for the woman. The thought that she will neither be able to relate to him anymore nor see him is quite disturbing. If she is not well taken care of and surrounded by people, the thoughts may be suicidal. This must be avoided at all costs. She must be cared for because she is vulnerable at this point.


Tough it is a time of grieving for the woman, children (if any), and other family members. It is the time they need prayers the most. Speaking about Prayer for the loss of a husband, there are two ways to view the situation. The dimensions of raising the prayers are when you are around the grieving woman and when you are off her presence. These two dimensions will be used in raising prayer points for women who lose their husbands.


Let’s begin with raising prayer points for the new widow when you are with them. To do this, you must have shared your condolence with them.  The prayer can be, “God, comfort this woman in every way” Let her be wrapped in your comforting love during this time of grieving and afterward. This is the time the woman who lost her husband needs more love from both people and God. This is because the void left by her husband’s absence can be troubling.


When the incident is fresh, the woman needs to be reminded of God’s love and that it is certain. This is will help her to heal fast and gain confidence in God. So, prayers like “the everlasting love of God will heal your wound and fill the void that your husband left behind. God, please console her much more than any of us can do. Let your peace be showered on her, oh Lord. Lord, just visit her with your peace amidst this grieving time.

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For a woman that just lost her husband and you want to pray for her in your closet, there are things that should be a concern. These concerns may not be prayed in her presence to avoid giving her much reason to soak herself in tears and unhealthy thoughts. Some prayers may be needed but you must also think of what she will think and feel in that grieving moment. This is very important because at that point, she is very fragile and more hurt must be avoided. Your intentions may be right but you must ensure it is not causing more harm.


Having said this, the first prayer point maybe something like, “Lord, as she loses her husband, let her not lose herself or any other in addition in Jesus’ name.” We understand that the pain reaches so deep but your healing can reach much deeper, Lord. Reach out to her from the valley of her pain and raise her. Lord, she needs you more now. Just reach out to her and never allow the pain to turn to something else. Let your watch comfort her beyond words in Jesus’ name.


Lord, never allow the devil to take advantage of this moment to institute evil things in her family and in her life. Block every loophole that the enemy may want to use to destroy things or make things worse. Let every devil incarnate that may want to take advantage of this down moment be incapacitated. Even in this downcast time, let her be filled with wisdom to detect, and stop every move of the enemy. Though her eyes may be filled with tears now let them be open to see evil intentions disguised as love in Jesus’ name.


It is important to pray for every other thing that the deceased left behind which may include children and properties. That these properties will not be ruined and be overtaken by selfish and thoughtless individuals. Also that the children will not suffer, that God will be their father indeed. Most importantly, they will not lose anything because of the loss of their father. That God will provide all that they need to be who you want them to be. Prayers for the children are very important.


With these prayers both in secret and in the presence of the woman, you have uplifted both the widow and the family that has lost a father, a brother, and a friend. This is the best gift you can give the widow but don’t forget to reach out to her material needs if the Holy Spirit prompts you to do so at any point in time. If this prayer is sincere, God will definitely show forth for the widow and the family. She will be comforted. This is a labor of love and God doesn’t forget every labor of love.

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