Prayer Points for Difficulties at Work

How to Pray for Difficulties at Work

The workplace is more than a mere place where people go just to earn a living. For us as Christians, our work in the physical is also an instrument to push the gospel. Whether you realize this or not as a Christian, Satan knows and it may come with several difficulties or challenges so that you won’t have the thought to further the kingdom there. So, it is not new if you are experiencing difficulties at work. In this piece, we shall raise prayer points to combat difficulties at work.

To begin with, you need to first realize that the difficulties at work can come in two major ways. The first is work-related which may include denial of due promotion. The Devil can raise people to fight you for no reason or because you are too good at work. The second may be in form of character attacks to discredit you from doing what the Lord would want you to do in that office. Remember how Joseph was attacked with immorality while doing his work. We shall raise prayer points that will address these two divisions accordingly.

Prayer Points To Pray

  1. Lord Jesus, let me find favor with everyone in my workplace in Jesus’ name. Let me be favored beyond words can explain in Jesus’ name. I want your favor to speak for me at my work in all ramifications in Jesus’ name. Your favor is all I seek Lord in Jesus’ name.
  2. Father, let every unrepentant enemy of destiny and workplace ministry be judged in Jesus’ name. Just as you judged Pharaoh, judge every unrepentant enemy of your purpose for my life here in this workplace in Jesus’ name. Father judge them now in Jesus’ name.
  3. Father, show me my friends and enemies in this work so that I can know who to move with, in Jesus’ name. Jesus, let me know those that are for me. Help me, Jesus, I need to know who is for me and those against me in truth and indeed. Please show me Lord in Jesus’ name.
  4. The Bible says when the ways of a man please God, he makes his enemies be at peace with him. Lord, let everyone that has stood in my way as enemies begin to work for my progress at work in Jesus’ name. Let them become the instrument for my ease at work in Jesus’ name
  5. Father help me to discern the moments, times, and people in Jesus’ name. Increase my discernment oh Lord. Father, without your discernment, I can’t stay strong in this work, please help me in Jesus’ name. Give me adequate discernment so that I can take the right steps per time in Jesus’ name. 
  6. Father, let no evil plan against me prosper at work. Jesus help me and scatter devilish plans meant to frustrate or hurt me in Jesus’ name. Jesus, please me, you see what I do not see. Father please scatter evil plans against me in Jesus’ name.
  7. Father, make me wiser than my adversaries at work in Jesus’ name. Lord, I ask for wisdom as You say in your word that you will give me wisdom if I ask. Jesus, make me wiser than all my adversaries in whatever evil plans they against me in Jesus’ name
  8. Father, let it be impossible for people and demons to trouble me in Jesus’ name. Let it be impossible Lord! For I bear the mark on Christ on me, therefore let it be impossible for anyone to trouble me in Jesus’ name. Jesus, I disagree for anyone born of a woman to trouble me at work in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Points To Pray About Work

  1. Father, grant me the divine understanding of the work in every area I have been having difficulties with. Jesus, help me to divinely comprehend these work paths in Jesus’ name. Lord, just grant me understanding and make it simple for me. Every part of the job where I am lagging behind, grant me wisdom in Jesus’ name.
  2. Jesus, as I go through these training to upskill myself, grant me knowledge and understanding. As you helped Daniel to understand mysteries, help me to understand all that looks like mysteries to me right now in Jesus’ name. Let the mysteries become simple unto me in Jesus’ name. 
  3. Father in Jesus’ name, grant me the speed at work in Jesus’ name. Everything that has once slowed me down, let them be an instrument to lift me up for promotion in Jesus’ name. Just grant me speed that will cover for the years I have lost in Jesus’ name. Jesus, collapse time for me at work in Jesus’ name.
  4. Father in Jesus’ name, please scatter every evil work meant to frustrate my efforts at work in Jesus’ name. Please let it be impossible to frustrate my efforts at work in Jesus’ name. Do not give in to forces or people to frustrate efforts in Jesus’ name. Just help me, Jesus!
  5. Every structure and thing put in place to disappoint my intelligence at work, please Lord scatter them. Let their evil efforts be put shame in Jesus’ name. Everything they have planned to use to shame me at work, Lord let it shame my enemies in Jesus’ name.
  6. By the power mighty in Jesus’ name, I bring every process, person, and procedure at work to favor me in Jesus’ name. Nothing will work against me anymore in Jesus’ name. Everything will work for my good in Jesus’ name.
  7. Father, I bring an end to every difficulty I am experiencing at work in Jesus’ name. I have and live the life of God, therefore difficulty has no place to stay in me and my work. Get out in Jesus’ name. Henceforth, no more difficulty in my work either from people or processes in Jesus’ name.
  8. If you pray these prayers sincerely, God will help you with every difficulty you may be experiencing at work. Whether it is caused by people, demons, or just work-related issues, God will arise for you. Just follow through with His response and move with His leadings as He leads you through. 

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