Prayer Points from Acts 12

Acts chapter 12 in the bible is a testimony which shows us how important it is to have unshakeable faith in God and how powerful prayer is especially when people pray together in agreement.

The deliverance of peterThis chapter tells the story of how the Apostle Peter was persecuted and how God miraculously rescued him through the prayers of the Church.

The first part of the chapter is about how King Herod started an attack on the early Church Christians in an attempt to stop the Gospel from spreading. He arrested and killed James. When he noticed that the Jews were pleased that he arrested and killed James, He was encouraged to arrest Peter as well and planned to have him killed after the Jewish Passover.

On hearing this immediate danger that has befallen Peter, the Church came together and raised their voices in prayer for his deliverance.

The story takes an unbelievable turn when an angel of the Lord comes to Peter in prison, breaks his chains, and leads him out. Peter was shocked and thought it was a dream, but he followed the angel’s instructions and miraculously got away from the highly guarded prison. Peter didn’t fully understand what God did until he is free and safe.

The story shows how much the early Christians relied on prayer when they were being persecuted, and how God can make impossible things possible. For us, Acts chapter 12 is a beautiful example of what happens when we pray together. It shows that when Christians come together in faith and ask God to help, He does marvelous things.

That said, join us as we explore the prayer points we find from the events that took place in Acts chapter 12.  In this post, we will be focusing our prayers on the following key themes:

  • Seeking divine protection from God
  • Deliverance from evil
  • and guidance during adversity

14 Powerful Prayer Points from Acts Chapter 12

  1. Father God, You are our refuge and fortress, our ever-present help in times of trouble. Therefore I ask for Your protection from the evil intentions of my enemies. Frustrate all the plans of the enemy that seek to harm me and my loved ones. Surround us with Your shield and grant us discernment to recognize their plans.
  2. Lord, just like You sent Your angel to set Peter free from the prison, let Your mighty hand bring breakthrough in every in situation that has seemed hopelessness and impossible in my life. (Acts 12:5).
  3. Father, deliver me from every evil thoughts and imaginations that have held me captive. I pray that you set my mind free from the chains of doubt, fear and negativity. Fill my thoughts with Your promises, love, and peace, so that I may walk in the freedom that You have promised.
  4. God, I decree and declare that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. And that every tongue that rises against me in judgment is condemned now. I break every curse that has been spoken over me and release myself from their grip right now. I declare that I live a life full of abundance and joy from today.
  5. Lord, in the face of trials and tribulations, strengthen my faith when doubts arise. Help me to believe that You have everything in control just like You did with Peter. Grant me the grace to persevere and the confidence to overcome whatever situation I find myself in.
  6. As You guided Peter in Acts 12, guide me Lord. Show me the way forward and grant me the wisdom to make decisions according to Your will.
  7. Father, just like You sent the angel who appeared to Peter, send loving and supportive people to encourage and uplift my spirit during difficult times.
  8. Help me surrender my fears and worries to You just as Peter did when he was in prison. Give me peace, knowing that You are in control.
  9. God, grant me patience and perseverance during my seasons of waiting. Help me to trust Your timing and to know that Your plans are of good towards me.
  10. I lift up those who are oppressed or imprisoned for their faith. I pray for their release and deliverance. (Acts 12:6-7). I also lift up those who are suffering unjustly in prisons around the world. Comfort their hearts. Strengthen their faith and provide opportunities for their release.
  11. Holy Spirit, fill me with power and grant me boldness and courage to boldly proclaim the Gospel, even in the face of persecution. (Acts 12:11)
  12. Heavenly Father, as the heart of the king is in Your hands; I pray for the leaders of our nation and communities. I pray that You would give them a heart that seeks to know You. Give them a heart that loves good and shuns evil. Give them wisdom to make decisions and policies that align to Your will and benefit the people they serve. (Acts 12:1-6). Protect them from the negative influences of power and guide them in righteousness.
  13. Just like the early church Christians interceded for Peter, I ask for a community of praying believers who will pray with me and for me during times of adversity. Help us to support, encourage and pray for one another as we seek Your guidance and deliverance.
  14. Gracious God, I pray for the expansion of Your Church and the strengthening of believers worldwide. Empower us to be bold witnesses and to impact our communities for Your glory. (Acts 12:24)

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In Acts chapter 12, we learn about the power of agreement prayer and God’s faithfulness to His people. This chapter teaches us that regardless of how dire a situation is, once we can fervently pray and rely on God’s guidance, He will come through for us.

 By using these prayer points from Acts 12 in our prayers, we will draw closer to God and see Him work miracles in our lives. Therefore, let us continue to pray with confidence, knowing that the Almighty hears and answers prayers in accordance with His perfect will.

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