Prayer Points from Genesis Chapter 26

Genesis chapter 26 is not as interesting as some of the other stories in the Bible, but it has important lessons about how prayer can change things. In this journey, we learn more about Isaac’s story and find a lot of prayer points that apply to our own lives. Genesis 26 is a mix of prayers filled with faith and fervent intercession that helps us get closer to our Heavenly Father.

Join us as we search the pages of Genesis chapter 26 for prayer’s secret treasures and set out on a remarkable spiritual journey that will refresh our prayer lives.praying genesis 26

Before we get to the prayer points in Genesis Chapter 26, let’s take a few lessons from the story there.

From the story of Isaac, which is told in Genesis chapter 26, we can learn a few things. Here are some important lessons:

Trust that God will take care of you. Even though there was a famine in the land, Isaac stayed in Gerar because he believed God’s word. So, God gave him a lot of good things, and his crops gave back a hundred times what they were worth. This chapter tells us how important it is to trust in God’s care even when things are hard.

God kept what He said He would do: He showed up to Isaac and reaffirmed His word to bless him and have many children through him. This shows that God keeps His promises and tells us that we can trust what He says. It urges us to believe that God will keep His promises and do what He says He will do in our lives.

Sincerity and integrity: Isaac’s decision to mislead others into believing that Rebekah was his sister rather than his wife demonstrated a lack of faith in God’s ability to provide for him and his family. It shows how important it is to always be honest and have ethics, even when things are hard.

Overcoming: Isaac overcame adversity and jealously from the Philistines, who dug up his wells and filled them with dirt, thanks to his tenacity and determination. He didn’t give up. Instead, he kept digging new wells and reopening the ones he had already dug. His persistence and toughness show us how important it is to keep going even when things are hard.

The importance of peace and reconciliation: Even though Isaac and Abimelech fought over wells, Abimelech saw that God liked Isaac and tried to make peace. They made a peace agreement, which showed how important it is to try to get along with others and keep things calm.

The chapter briefly notes that Esau, Isaac’s son, married Hittite women, which caused Isaac and Rebekah a lot of trouble. This is a warning of the bad things that can happen when people make bad decisions or marry outside of God’s plan.

Overall, Genesis 26 is about trusting God, being honest, sticking with things, God’s trustworthiness, peace, and the results of our decisions. These lessons give advice on how to live in a way that fits with God’s plans and gifts.

Prayer Points from Genesis Chapter 26

Heavenly Father, I thank You for being true to Your promises and the covenants You made with Isaac in the land of Gerar. I trust that You will always be with me, too, no matter what happens.

Just as You showered numerous benefits on Isaac in Gerar, please show Your favor upon me. Let Your blessing fall on me and help me do well in everything I do. Take away any problems that are getting in the way of my success and growth.

I ask you, Father, to bless me with divine intervention and a supernatural breakthrough in my life, just as you helped Isaac’s crops multiply one hundred times over after you interceded on his behalf. Let Your divine wealth flow into every part of my life.

Father, you are the one who brought life back to Isaac’s wells after the Philistines had filled them with dirt, I beg that You restore the lost possibilities and blessings in my life. Have Your restoring power work in my life.

Please, Lord, grant me the wisdom that Isaac possessed while he was living in Gerar during the time of the famine. Please guide me to the best choices and help me to follow Your advice when things get tough.

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In the same way that Isaac dug wells over and over again until he found water, Heavenly Father, please teach me to have patience and to believe in Your timing. Please grant me the strength to stay focused and not give up.

Heavenly Father, please give me the ability to be a source of blessing to others, like Isaac was to the people of Gerar. Use me as a way to show Your love and kindness to the people around me and bring honor to Your name.

Lord, I give you all my worries and fears. Help me put my confidence in Your sustenance and not my own understanding, like Isaac did.

Lord, help me be honest and do the right thing, just like Isaac did even when things were hard or tempting. Help me to be strong in my faith and to make decisions that respect You.

Father, please give me a spirit of peace and forgiveness, like Isaac did with the Philistines. Help me settle disagreements and get along well with other people.

Lord, give me the strength and boldness to say Your name and talk about how good You are, just like Isaac did when he spoke out about Your faithfulness when he was being attacked. Give me the courage to speak up for Your kingdom.

Lord, help me keep a humble and gentle attitude, like Isaac did when he had problems with the herders. Teach me to look for peace and to react to hard things with grace and wisdom.

Please, Heavenly Father, help me develop in my faith and connection with You as Isaac did. Help me grow closer to You and become more like Jesus.

Lord, I pray that my character and views will change, just as Isaac went from being afraid to having faith because of you. Shape me so I look like Your Son, Jesus Christ.

Lord, I pray that you will give me opportunities to serve and help others, just like Isaac did for the people of Gerar. Create avenues for me so I can share Your love with others and meet their needs.

Please, Lord, shield me from the envy of those who would do me harm, just as You protected Isaac from the Philistines.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to keep my family and loved ones safe, just like you kept Isaac and his family safe in the land of Gerar. Put Your angels around us and protect us from all harm.

Lord, I pray that you keep my mind and thoughts safe. Protect me from bad thoughts and help me pay attention to what is true, good, pure, lovely, and worthy of praise.

Lord, I pray for divine direction and help in every part of my life, just like you led Isaac to the land of Beersheba. Tell me what to do and show me how to do it right.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for discernment and understanding when making decisions and choices, like how You helped Isaac stay away from the Philistines’ trickery. Give me the wisdom and understanding I need to make good decisions that are in line with Your will.

Heavenly Father, I give You all of my plans and goals, and I ask You to make them fit with Your divine plan. Show me the way You’ve chosen for me.

Lord, I pray for people to be saved and for the Gospel to spread, just like the people of Gerar were changed by Isaac’s story. Use me as a way to show people Your love and truth.

Father, I ask that You watch over my relationships and help me make wise decisions, just as You led Isaac to Rebekah. Lead me to relationships that are good for me and honor You.

Lord, I pray for the healing of hurts and the mending of broken relationships, just as You brought Isaac and Abimelech back together after they had a fight. Bring peace and healing to all the broken parts of my life.

Just as You restored Isaac’s health and cured his illness, I ask, O Lord, that whatever physical ailment or illness I suffer from today will be healed by You. Give me complete healing.

Heavenly Father, I give You all of my cares and fears, and I ask that Your peace encompasses my heart and mind. Give me the peace of mind that You are in charge and that everything will work out for my good.

Father, I pray that joy and hope will return to my life, just like they did for Isaac after he had been through hard times. Fill my heart with Your joy and restore my faith in what You’ve said.

I trust that these suggestions for prayer help you grow closer to God and more fully surrender your life to His will.

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