Prayer Points to Cancel Bad Dreams

How to Pray to Cancel Bad Dreams

Dreams are like an interface we enter when we sleep. It is an interface between you being alive and dead when you are asleep. A dream can be about you or someone else. It can reveal the past or the future and it may as well be a product of your thought line or events during the day. In whichever way, a dream has a voice and should be attended to accordingly.


It is no news that dreams are spiritual in nature. This is because God uses dreams to speak to us. Joseph in the old testament knew about his future through his dream, and twice God led Joseph in the new testament through dreams. On the other hand, the enemy uses dreams to attack us too. If care is not taken bad dreams may eventually become one’s reality.


So, when you have a bad dream, it is essential to take action immediately. What kind of action are we talking about? Well, as Christians, our weapon of warfare is not a canal. Therefore you need to pray against the bad dream when you have one. That is what we will be addressing shortly in this piece. Please read through the prayer points to cancel any bad dream you may have had.


There are two situations you need to know about when it comes to praying to cancel bad dreams. First is when you understand the bad dream and what it entails. The second is when you don’t understand the dream but you are certain it’s not something good that is coming from what you saw. This is irrespective of whether you dream about yourself or about someone else. 


Prayer to cancel a bad dream you don’t understand

  1. Father, let the understanding of every part of this dream be clear unto me in Jesus’ name. Lord, I know you are showing me evil plans against my life, please give me the understanding so that I can be able to pray accordingly in Jesus’ name. Grant me understanding in Jesus’ name. Let it be clear enough in Jesus’ name!


  1. Father open my eyes of understanding to see and grant me wisdom to pray accordingly in Jesus’ name. Lord, help me to pray aright in Jesus’ name. Let me not pray amiss in this matter. Jesus, grant me precision. The exact prayer point in Jesus’s name.


  1. I break every yoke on which this evil dream is standing in Jesus’ name. No yoke is allowed to produce any result in Jesus’ name. Every satanic yoke is nullified by the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore this evil dream is canceled and it shall not hold in Jesus’ name.


Prayer to cancel a bad dream you understand

  1. Lord, I bring every conspiracy of the enemy against my destiny in my dream in Jesus’ name. This conspiracy cannot hold Lord. No, Satanic or evil conspiracy can hold against me in Jesus’ name. The evil plans here revealed in this dream must be shattered in Jesus’ name. I stand by the power in the name of Jesus Christ and I cancel every conspiracy against me in Jesus’ name.


  1. Father, I cancel every demonic operation in my dream in Jesus’ name. The operations of demons can not determine my experience and events in my life in Jesus’ name. I am a child of God, therefore no operations of the demons in my dream can influence my life in Jesus’ name. My life is secured under the grace of God!


  1. Oh Lord of the heavens and earth, grant me direction so that I won’t do things that will make me end up in the dictates of this evil dream. Lord, help me. Please guide me through my life. Just give me the wisdom to walk through without falling into the trap that will produce the result of this evil dream in Jesus’ name. Jesus help me!


  1. Every project in my hand will not fail in Jesus’ name. I declare that my projects will succeed irrespective of what the enemy is planning or showing me in the dream. My projects will show forth the glory of the Lord in Jesus’ name. None of my projects will fail in Jesus’ name!


Prayer to cancel a bad dream about someone

  1. Lord, visit this individual and break every satanic agenda on his life in Jesus’ name. This bad dream must not come to pass in his life in Jesus’ name. Lord, every bad dream over him must be scattered and must not come to pass in Jesus’ name.


  1. Father, arrest all the enemies that are fast-tracking or planning this evil on the person in Jesus’ name. Let them be arrested in Jesus’ name. Just the same way you arrested Paul, let the enemies planning this evil be arrested and be used for your glory in Jesus’ name. 


  1. Father, order the steps of this man so as not to strengthen the wishes and plans of the wicked ones in Jesus’ name. Father guides him through that he may not fuel the fulfillment of these bad dreams with his actions and words over his life in Jesus’ name.


  1. Father, I envelop him in your power in Jesus’ name. As he goes about his activities and business, let your protection be strong upon his life in Jesus’ name. Satan cannot have his way over his life in Jesus’ name. I declare that his paths are safe in Jesus’ name.


  1. Father, I secure his life in Your hands in Jesus’ name. The satanic agenda in this dream is frustrated in Jesus’ name. Whatever sacrifices are made to bring this evil dream to reality are nullified by the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ in Jesus’ name.


  1. With these prayer points, you can cancel bad dreams you had in your life or any other person. So far you pray with your heart connected to the father. Keep praying until you are sure in your spirit that your prayers have been answered. Remember that this is warfare, work with the commander, Jesus Christ.


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