Prayer for Spiritual Eyes to be Open

How do you pray for your spiritual eyes to opened?

When it comes to praying on any prayer point, it is important that we do so with some understanding. At least, we must have an understanding of what it is that we are praying about especially when we have a planned prayer list to go through. This understanding should come with what we expect the prayer point to deliver too. These understandings will determine how the prayer points will be modeled. So, in this piece, we shall be looking at prayer points to open spiritual eyes and how to pray them . Please take your time to read through till the end.

Before we discuss these prayer points to open your spiritual eyes, it is important to know that this may be the only spiritual weapon you need in some cases like spiritual warfare. It is important to leverage this even in our day-to-day activities and living. If you don’t leverage with this, who else should. That means having our spiritual eyes opened is an important of Christian nature that should not be handled with hands of levity. That’s actually part of the access you should be enjoying as a Christian. Let’s see how this works!

If our prayer must be answered and be a successful endeavor in all, it must be done in light of the scriptures. So, we will try to scoop the prayer points to open spiritual eyes right from the scriptures, and we will then pray them in the same manner. Yes, in line with scriptures! This is because the second part of Psalm 138:2 has shown that God honors His word a great deal. Therefore, praying the scriptures is one of the best ways to get your prayers answered.

Prayer Points to Open Spiritual Eyes

To get prayer points to open spiritual eyes, let’s begin with two understandings of the subject matter. We will then draw up a prayer point based on each. Praying through with understanding is essential and one of the first steps to getting your prayer answered. Pray with some understanding except when praying in tongues. So, let’s get to the understanding of two dimensions of praying for the opening of our spiritual eyes.

2 Types of Spiritual Eyes

First, the opening of spiritual eyes could be used to mean gaining the ability to see into the spirit realm. It can as well mean having spiritual insight into situations as they are being spiritual. Well, it’s a well-known fact that we are not alone on this planet earth. There are spirits all around us. They are not visible to our physical eyes but our spiritual eyes can see them once enabled. But you can see the spirit realm just the same way you see the physical realm in your spirit.

We see a prototype of this in the scriptures. That’s in 2 King 6:18-20. There was an invasion into the Prophet’s domain and the servant was very afraid. The man of God was fine and at ease because of what he is seeing. So, he prayed that the young man’s eyes be opened. And immediately, God granted that request, there was no more cause for alarm. That is part of what it means to have one’s spiritual eyes opened. So, the prayer point can be as simple as Elijah prayed and you can pray the same today as “Lord, open my eyes to see in Jesus”

With that prayer been answered, he saw the same place in the spiritual realm. Sometimes, your worries end when you see the spiritual side of things. Situations may seem unfavorable to you because you are still seeing them in the physical. You are seeing it the same way the world is seeing it. Spiritual sight is a lot of advantage that shows you exactly the way things are. So, pray that your spiritual eyes be opened. Pray this prayer and be intentional about it.

Secondly, there is another way to create prayer points to open spiritual eyes. This is based on a different understanding. This difference comes with a different expected outcome when prayed. It will do almost the same thing but with a different result. This understanding is derived from Apostle Paul’s prayer for the Ephesian Church. We can see that in Ephesians 1:18 and the words are clear but it does carry some weights and deep meanings.

So, Apostle Paul’s prayer is that the eyes of understanding may be enlightened. It literally means that you have seen either a dream, trans, or vision but without understanding. The question really is; of what use is the dream, vision, or trans without the understanding? It is not different from not seeing anything because you really can’t do anything with it until the understanding comes. This is a different dimension of the spiritual eyes opening.

Take note of the circumstance that made Apostle Paul pray this prayer for the Ephesian Church. It was after he mentioned how great their faith was and the good report. This silently means that you can be good in other areas as a Christian but still be spiritually blind. Irrespective of how great you think you are doing right now if Apostle Paul prayed this prayer for them after highlighting their exploit, then you need this prayer too.

Therefore, praying Ephesians 1:18 the way Apostle Paul prayed it for the Ephesians is another prayer point to open spiritual eyes. This is because no matter what you see in the spirit realm, it will make no sense to you without understanding it. Not only that, it will not benefit you too without understanding. You may simply pray the same prayer today like this “Lord, let the eyes of my understanding be enlightened in Jesus’ name”

With this, prayer points to open spiritual eyes explained above, I am sure you now know what to pray and how to pray it through as far as opening your spiritual eyes is concerned. You may pick any of the two prayer points raised above based on your need at the moment and pray it through. If you pray it sincerely and with all your heart, Jesus will come through for you.

Spiritual Eyes and Ears Bible Verses

  • Genesis 3:5
  • Luke 24:31
  • Isaiah 32:3
  • Ephesians 1:18

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