Prayer for a Supernatural Anointing for Fresh Fire

The life of a Christian is a supernatural life, it cannot be lived like every normal physical life. Any Christian without a supernatural backing is not a Christian indeed and in truth. Jesus our master lived like that. The apostles did the same. How shall we then live life short of supernatural backing? It, therefore, means that you must first make a decision to live a life of supernatural influence. This is because it is possible to live an ordinary life all your life even as a Christian. The good news is that you can be supernatural.


To access and live the supernatural life, Jesus our master lived a life of prayer while he was physically present on earth. The Apostles too took after him walking in word and prayer. Today, it is our turn to walk in supernatural life. That can only be made possible by the presence of the supernatural anointing. We see briefly there that when Jesus chose a life of prayer, He knew what He wanted and what He wants to achieve. The same thing with the apostles. So, we shall be raising two prayer points for supernatural anointing for fresh fire.


First, it is important that we settle the fact that prayer points for supernatural anointing for fresh fire are not something you pray for once in a while. No, they ought to be part of your life. The apostles and Jesus Christ chose a life of prayer. Jesus often departed into solitary places to pray all night. Why do you think he was doing this if it wasn’t important? It was to receive the supernatural anointing for fresh fire every time so He function under the anointing afresh every time He moved out. This is how the healings and teachings are sustained. This is the secret to sustaining you too.


The first prayer point in this line is, “Lord, empower me with your supernatural anointing for every area of my life.” This is often the point to begin, you need the anointing first. Take note that anointing is God’s ability that God gives to man in a measure. There has to be something that God can supernaturally do through you if you are talking about anointing. I could picture the apostles praying this prayer point in their days because God’s ability robbed on them and it was evident in their ministerial works. It is with this that men came to accept Jesus.


If you are called into ministry, this is an important prayer you should be praying seriously. If this is present in your life, God will attract many unbelievers with it. God will use it to make way for you. I guess that was what Jesus too was praying for each time he had an all-night prayer. Jesus was known for his healings during his time, David was known for the victory over Goliath, and Joseph was known because he interpreted dreams. This is not just for the called, it is for every member of the kingdom, the light needs to shine through and that can happen through the supernatural anointing.


You remember that Prophet Isaiah was a national prophet. He had been prophesying and he is well known as a prophet. He did prophesy until Isaiah 6 when God encountered him and anointed his mount with fresh fire. It is at this point that he saw himself for the first time. From that moment on, things changed and he began to preach the real message of his ordination. So, for the people called into ministry, you may not preach the message of your ordination without this because it also comes with direction so that you can be on the right track. Spend quality time to pray this prayer with your faith.


The second prayer point in line with prayer points for supernatural anointing for fresh fire will be tailored toward the fresh fire. This has to do with capacity renewal. Using yesterday’s unction for today means that you have set yourself up for failure already. Simply ask God to refire you. Many times that is what we need to resuscitate our spiritual life and function well. Just as we can burn out in the physical life and lose out energy, it is the same in the spirit. This one is even worse.


The prayer will be, “Lord, give me an encounter that will refire me with fresh graces” If you read through scriptures when God wants to bring men into new dimensions and capacities, He crystalizes it into an encounter for them. Anyone that has not encountered God is useless to God in His kingdom. Men of old have walked in this path and it is not new today. So, encounters bring us into dimensions of God afresh. God still moves like this because He changes not. Use your prayer to align with it for results.


Whether you are a minister or just a citizen of the kingdom, the impact of your life largely hangs on the number of encounters you have had. Encounters have an impact with great power. This is why you need to pray this prayer point very well like you really want the encounter. We all are called to a life of impact and that is not possible without encounters. Without encounters, there will be no God’s ability in us. This is where the work is. It is all about well-meaning encounters.


Part of the few truths you need to keep in mind with this kind of prayer is that it should be done periodically. You need to select a time to seriously pray this prayer point. During such time, you will pray it extensively and with the whole of yourself. We already identified that it is part of the secrets to the success of Jesus’ ministry. That means to succeed as well, you need to imbibe the act and make sure it becomes a part of you. It is highly important if you intend to go far.

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