Prayers for Family Reunion

What Should I Pray for my Family Reunion?

Family is God’s own idea which He set up in Genesis. God had set it up for procreation and expansion. God wants men to multiply and fill the earth. But beyond this filling of the earth, God also uses family for an individual for support and growth. A Christian family is centered around standing for each other and emphasizing growth as each fulfills their divine mandate. It is Christ’s intention to use family to raise people that will conquer the world for Him. For this to happen, the family must be together in one accord.

For a family, there are many prayer points. However, this piece seems to focus on prayer for a family reunion. Before we begin to raise prayer points for a family reunion, we need to understand that something must have happened. The family must have had issues that probably put it in asunder. When there is disunity in a family, it opens the door for the manipulation of the devil. Such a family can not be used by God to conquer the world or produce people that will win the world for Him. That is the devil’s target!


There is so much that can be achieved when the family is in one accord. The popular saying, “United we stand, divided we fall” shows that there is strength in togetherness. This means that the unity in the family determines the strength of the family. The scripture says it is good for brethren to dwell together and that it helps the flow of anointing among members of the family. This is another advantage of the family member’s unity. That shows that if the family would enjoy the flow of grace among members, they must be united.


Now, let’s raise the prayer points for the family reunion. Reunion means that the family was once united. If the family is no longer united, it means there is disunity and something must have brought about that. So to pray for a family reunion, we will need to start with finding out what really caused disunity in the family. With this understanding, you can raise an effective prayer point that will address the situation. If the prayer addresses the cause, then we can be sure that the family reunion will be a possibility.


But you do need to first seek forgiveness from God. This is because it is the primary responsibility of every member to make sure that the family stays together. Every member is expected to facilitate family unity in deed and in prayers. So, the family’s unity was shattered and we now require a reunion means that members slept along the line. When men slept, the enemies came and caused this issue. Therefore, repent for failing in this divine assignment before you raise the prayer points.

3 Prayer Points for the Family Reunion

  1. Raising a prayer for a family reunion on a specific issue causing disunity can be something like, “Lord, let this matter be settled in Jesus’ name” Let the parties involved encounter you and let peace flow in this family in Jesus’ name. You will need to mention the issues one after the other and settle them before God for intervention. You will also need to mention the names of the concerned persons and ask that the Lord visit them individually to get the matter resolved.
  2. In a case where you don’t know or understand why the family is apart, you will need to pray against whatever the enemy is using to achieve this. Prayer may come like, “Lord, put an end to the discord in the family in Jesus’ name” Let the instrument of disunity in this family come to naught in Jesus’ name. For disunity to be prospering in the family, there has to be something that makes it prosper. That is what we need to tackle prayer with. Once we can successfully tackle it with prayer then family unity can be restored. Apart from praying to tackle the source of family disunity, another prayer point that can be brought about the family reunion is to pray for peace. An important thing that misses in a family that causes disunity is peace. If peace is restored, then a family reunion will be possible. If all members are at peace with each other, then unity will be strong in the family. After all the Bible encourages us to be at peace with all men. We can achieve this with prayer. We only need to raise prayer in line with this.
  3. So the prayer can be something like “Lord, let there be peace in the family” Lord, let your peace reign in our family. Every power that replaced peace with hostility in our family be made void in Jesus’ name. Peace must reign in the family in Jesus’ name. Peace must reign among family members. Let your peace settle every fight between members in Jesus’ name. Our family must reunite in Jesus’ name. Let your peace that surpasses all understanding reign in this family. As the peace reigns, Lord let the family be reunited.

With these prayer points, we are assured that God will do wonders because God has promised that He will do what He hears us say in His ears. And for an issue that pertains to family, God will not watch a home disintegrate especially when He can get someone to stand in the gap for the family. As long as the prayer is coming from a heart that is sincere and desperately looking for God’s intervention.

It is important to note that the best way to stand for a family against disunity is actually to raise an altar for the family in the first place. Remember that the enemy is always looking for loopholes and trying to plant tares. The altar will help to close the loopholes and weed away the tares that can cause disunity. Prevention is always better than administering a cure. So, raise an altar while you still can to prevent damages that can occur when the family is shattered.

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