Prayers to Break the Spirit of Rebellion

Prayers Points to Break the Spirit of Rebellion

It is best to understand what the spirit of rebellion means before we begin to look into prayer points against the spirit of rebellion. The spirit of rebellion is the spirit of disunity causing a fall away among people who once had the same goal or objective. In practical terms, it makes people choose their ways or goals over the group objectives. Many times selfishness is activated and everyone begins to go their way.

The good news is that this can be tackled spiritually. I mean the spirit of rebellion can be sent packing. That is possible with prayers. With prayers, you can straighten out your team, strengthen them, and disable every operation of the spirit of rebellion. You must understand that this is very important if results must be achieved especially for a Christian group on a mission to fulfill God’s agenda. Devil will not take this likely, so don’t be too relaxed.

The spirit of rebellion is one of the tools of the devil to destroy the gatherings of the saint and individual saints. This is a missile the devil launches when God is set to use a group for a great thing. The devil knows that a lot can be achieved if we dwell together as brethren. There are countless opportunities for growth and exploits for individual saints too. The devil knows that this will be havoc on his kingdom. So, he uses the spirit of rebellion to cause parties and confusion.

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Before we begin to raise prayer points against the spirit of rebellion, we need to first understand the situation. Is the rebellion ordinary or spiritual? Not everything requires raising a prayer point, some may just require the application of wisdom in how things are done. So, we must first establish if it is a spiritual matter. Don’t use a spiritual weapon for a physical issue and don’t use a physical weapon for a spiritual issue. That will be a waste of time.

To understand whether or not it is a physical issue, try to understand why the rebellion among the people. Why are some people or individuals against what is meant to be done? Are there logical reasons? What kind of interest are they trying to protect? Are the reasons selfish, baseless, or uncalled for? Try to provide answers to these questions. If logical reasons or interests are causing a rebellion, call for a dialogue. This is a physical way to solve the situation.

If you sense that the rebellion is baseless after checking through to establish the interests and reasons driving the rebellion, it is time to scan through with your spiritual scanner. If you pick signals in the spirit that the devil sponsored the rebellion, it is time to pray and put things in order before satan’s target on what God what to do becomes successful. However, there are two sides to this. We will understand the two sides first and see how prayer points can address the two sides. Let’s raise the prayer points accordingly.

What does the Bible say about the spirit of rebellion?

The first side is when we can see that the devil launch the attack with the spirit of rebellion from the beginning. When the devil launch rebellion in a Christian group, he is after something. He must be stopped. For a situation like this, the prayer point can be like this, “Lord, scatter every rebellious gathering and plans against your plan and purposes for me” You can bank on Isaiah 54: 15-17 to navigate your prayer through. Pray it until you are assured in your spirit that all rebellious spirits will not prosper.

You will win in this situation bit by bit. You are likely to hear about how different plans of the rebellious keep failing. Keep in mind that the devil does not give up easily, especially in situations like this. So, as your prayer disrupt one, they will be inspired to set another. This is because they don’t give up except they are broken down. You must keep the fire of the prayer burning until God uses this to cause a change in their heart. So, pray it through relentlessly.

The second part of the is when the devil strategies with events to lure in his rebellious spirit. Sometimes, it may begin with logical reasons for the rebellion, and the devil can capitalize on it. This happens when issues are not well addressed as at when due, and you allow it to linger that necessary. The devil will immediately use that to create confusion. This is the tactics of the devil for years. If this is the situation, then you need to pray.

For this type of situation, your prayer point will be, “Lord, frustrate every satanic agenda with the use of spirit rebellion and let your love take over in our midst.” It will be a great thing if there are few people to pray this prayer point in unison and pray it over the group as members. The unity of purpose and agreement is part of the tool that will aid result in this kind of prayer. Therefore before you invite people to pray with you, make sure you want the same thing.

Understand what it means for God to frustrate the satanic agenda. It means God bringing the tactics and plans of the devil to nought. By this, all the plans and actions of Satan will be dead on arrival. By the time they do this and fail several times, it will be obvious God is in control. But you can’t give God the control if you are not praying. That is exactly what your prayers will do.

These two prayer points can help you to tackle the spirit of rebellion. So, if this has been the problem you have with your team, then get to work. I mean start praying and don’t waste any more time. The operation is to stop the devil now with his plans before he frustrates your team. The more time you give to the devil, the more havoc he causes with the spirit of rebellion. Start now!

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