Protection Prayers Against Natural Calamities

Natural calamities happen everywhere in different forms in different parts of the world. These may include landslides, volcanoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Some parts of the world are more prone to these natural calamities than some other parts of the world. These calamities often cause loss of lives, properties, and people’s security. The loss of these things breaks men and cities. This is an important reason to pray them off.

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Some of these natural calamities may happen unannounced while some may be tracked over time with forecasts. The outbreak of any irrespective of the category is not something to wish to behold. While there are physical things to do to avoid these natural calamities revealed by professionals, you can as well tackle it spiritually by praying it through to solve the problem. Prayers can be prayed either to stop the problem or to prevent these natural calamities. So in this piece, we will be raising prayer points for protection against natural calamities.

Powerful Prayers Against Natural Calamities

  1. Father, I refuse to be a victim of natural calamities in the name of Jesus Christ. I am not a candidate on the receiving side of natural calamities in the name of Jesus. Irrespective of how big or small it may be, I am not a victim in Jesus’ name.
  2. Father, I bring my environment under the governance of your mercy in the name of Jesus Christ. I bring the land, mountain, rocks, rivers, etc under the governance of your mercy in the name of Jesus. No bad natural events are allowed in the name of Jesus.
  3. Father, let every one of us in this community find mercy in your eyes in Jesus’ name. The kind of mercy that will stop all the natural calamities in the name of Jesus. Shield us (lives and properties) with your mercy in Jesus’ name.
  4. Father, where the natural calamities can not be avoided due to nature and it’s build-up, please shield us from these natural calamities with information and awareness. Help us so we can be aware in Jesus’ name. Father helps us with the information and grant us the will to take appropriate action in Jesus’ name.
  5. Father in Jesus’ name, may we not miss it with our real protection in life in Jesus’ name. Jesus, you are our real protection, because except you protect us every other thing we do is a lie. Therefore, we pray that we will not miss it with you God, our true protection in Jesus’ name.
  6. Lord, grant us wisdom to act rightly in the face of these natural calamities. Grant us wisdom to take appropriate steps that will deliver our safety in the name of Jesus. Help us to make good decisions in the face of these natural calamities so that our safety will be will be achieved in Jesus’ name.
  7. Father, lead us out into a safe place in Jesus’ name. As you lead us to avoid the calamities, help us to be sensitive in Jesus’ name. Only by your leading can one escape such evil. Guide us and help us to know your leading to avert the natural calamities in the name of Jesus.
  8. Father in Jesus’ name, I pray that every demon that may want to cause calamities on the land and in the river is rendered void in Jesus’ name. Let every power and principality that may want to use environmental distortions to cause issues and displacement be made void in Jesus’ name.
  9. Father, I ask for protection against every natural calamity in the name of Jesus. Let our protection be sure in Jesus’ name. Father, we pray for divine protection against all forms of natural calamities in Jesus’ name.
  10. Lord, we pray for your divine intervention against these natural calamities. Please intervene Lord and let no lives be lost, let no properties be wasted in Jesus’ name. Just be our shield of protection against these natural calamities in all ways in Jesus’ name.
  11. Lord, whatever it will cost you please let our lives matter before you. For the sake of the plans and purpose you have for each of us, let there be no natural calamities in Jesus’ name. Whatever natural calamities that are brewing, Lord please alter them and let them be silenced in Jesus’ name.
  12. Father, every demon-induced natural calamity be stopped in Jesus’ name. Let it not happen in the name of Jesus. Whatever the demon-induced natural calamities are, Lord let it not hold in Jesus’ name. In any way it is orchestrated, it must not work out in Jesus’ name.
  13. Father, let there be power to face the daily challenges. Lord help us to see and understand things in all ramifications in the name of Jesus. Father, let our understanding and views be right in the name of Jesus Christ. It is in this power and understanding that our safety can be secure in you Jesus. Jesus, help us with power and understanding that our safety may be sure in Jesus’ name.
  14. Lord Jesus, the Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct, father grant us wisdom true wisdom to understand the times and take appropriate steps to avoid being swindled into the natural calamities in Jesus’ name. Father let us not lack wisdom in such a time as natural calamities in Jesus’ name.
  15. Jesus, every satanic agenda with natural calamities must be disappointed in Jesus’ name. No satanic agenda will be allowed to come to pass in Jesus’ name. Every evil agenda that Satan wants to achieve with these natural calamities is hereby counted void in Jesus’ name.

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With these prayer points, you can get God to move on your behalf and protect you from these natural calamities if they occur or you can get God to stop these natural calamities outright. God will be the one to judge on how He will silence the natural calamities to the glory of the father. Irrespective of how you want protection against these natural calamities, God knows how He will answer the prayer for each of us.

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