Sample Opening Prayers for Meetings

Opening prayer is a way of inviting God into a discussion or a gathering. Another way to see opening prayer is that it is a way to make a meeting spiritual and to put the meeting in perspective. As Christian, we know that the spiritual controls the physical and that is what the opening prayer is used to achieve.

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A Christian gathering whether in church or outside is a spiritual gathering because we are spiritual beings. So, whether we are gathering for Bible study, prayer meetings, or a mere work discussion, prayers are encouraged. This is one important reason prayers are advised when Christians are gathering. 

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General Opening Prayers

  1. Father Lord, we bless you for this opportunity to gather here in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord, for this gathering and the purpose that you want to achieve with this. All adoration belongs to you for this grace you have bestowed on us for this meeting. Be thou exalted in Jesus’ name.
  2. Lord, let your name be glorified in this meeting. Let everything we would do and discuss in this meeting be to your glory in Jesus’ name. Father Lord, we pray that all that will take place in this meeting will be in order and all will be for progress in Jesus’ name. This meeting oh Lord will end in praise in Jesus’ name.  
  3. Father, let your presence be mighty amidst us as we gather in Jesus’ name. Let it not be a gathering of men alone. We want to see and feel you in our midst in Jesus’ name. With your presence comes power, and that’s the only way to achieve the purpose of the gathering. Jesus, let’s see you in our midst.
  4. Father, at the end of this gathering, let the objective for which we have gathered be achieved in Jesus’ name. Let this gathering not be a waste of time or in vain in Jesus’ name. Let every objective be realized, and help us to make progress in Jesus’ name.

Opening Prayer Points For Bible Study

The Bible says that there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the almighty gives it understanding (Job 32:8), Lord gives us an understanding of your word. Let your word open up in our spirit. As we study your word, open our spirit and let the word fill it, Lord. 

Father in Jesus’ name, let there be utterance for the teacher. There can not be a revelation if you do not grant it, Lord. Therefore we pray that you grant the Teacher utterance of the word in Jesus’ name. Let it not just be words but let it be wrapped in your power so that the word can do wonders in our life in Jesus’ name.

For both the speaker and hearer of the word, let the word work wonders in our lives in Jesus’ name. Let there be deliverance as the understanding of your word comes in the study. With your word comes power, let the power deliver us from our individual issues in Jesus’ name. 

The entrance of your word gives light. Oh Lord, let there be illumination in our hearts as we hear your word. Let there be revelation and insight over our personal issues as we hear your word. As we hear your word, let the light of your word unveil the grey areas of our lives in Jesus’ name.

The Bible spoke of different levels at which the word of God grew in heart of men when it is sown as seeds. Every Bible study is the sowing of the seed of the word. Lord, let the seed of your word grow in us and produce results of 100%. Let this study not be a waste of time, Oh God. 

Opening Prayer Points For a Prayer meeting

Father as we pray, let there be answers of peace in Jesus’ name. Father, you already promised that you will answer us when we call unto you and this is why we have come to claim your word, give us answers of peace in Jesus’ name. Let everyone get answers as we pray in Jesus’ name. Let no one be left behind in Jesus’ name!

Lord Jesus, let there be a divine visitation for each of us as we pray in Jesus’ name. The visitation is all that settles issues and matters that are making us cry, please visit us as we pray. We have come to meet you our Lord, please meet with us through the divine visitation in the prayer meeting in Jesus’ name.

Oh Lord Jesus, You said as you hear us speak so will you do. Father as we pray, honor your word in our lives in Jesus’ name. As we pray, let there be speedy answers in Jesus’ name. Settle issues, break bondages, take off limitations, and let there be abundant testimonies in Jesus’ name. Speedy answers in Jesus’ name!

You also said you will show us great and mighty things when we call unto you. Father, show us great and mighty things in Jesus’ name. We want to see these great things oh Lord, we know you cannot lie, therefore, we want you to show us great and mighty things in Jesus’ name. As we pray in this prayer meeting, open the path to see great things for us in Jesus’ name.

Opening Prayer Points For  Other Meetings

Father, as we come to deliberate on issues, help us in Jesus’ name. Let it not be a fruitless effort. Just help us as we deliberate and discuss things to do in Jesus’ name. Lord, Jesus we rely on your help to help us make this meeting a success in Jesus’ name. Just help us, Jesus!

Father, we come against every spirit of commotion and disruption as we begin the meeting in Jesus’ name. Let the meeting be free of every satanic agenda that may want to destroy the gathering. We degree that it will be peace even as we go through the deliberation and discussion in Jesus’ name.

With these prayer points, you can begin any meeting in their respective category and see the Lord take perfect control. Do nothing except you have first committed it into the hand of the father. 

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