Prayers for Success in Business

A simple way to define business is that it is the coordination of buying and selling of goods and services for the purpose of making money while helping others to fill a need. So, everything that is done to make this whole process work is referred to as a business. Businesses can either fail or succeed. Of course, no one wants their business to fail, hence the reason people find ways to make their business succeed at all costs.

A business may be nothing but a set of enterprising activities that many regards as something that is learned. Interestingly, there are also some people who believe people can be gifted in doing business. The two are right but when it comes to true business success, you can’t achieve it without a spirit powering it. The only decision you will need to make is whether you want it to be the spirit of God or that of the devil.

And how well you engage the spirit powering your business is the extent to which the business will flourish. The definition of that flourish will be determined by the spirit that you are engaging in for the success of your business. In this piece, the spirit of God is our partner for business success and His definition of success is clear in the Bible. You can meditate on Joshua 1:8 and 3 John 1:2 to have an idea of what success means to the Holy Spirit. So, we shall be raising prayer points to engage the Holy Spirit for success in Business. Please find them below;

Prayer Points for Success and Breakthroughs in Business:

  1. Father, I ask that you bless me with the anointing for business. Anoint with the capacity and grace for business in Jesus’ name. Lord, please anoint me for success in this business. Father, I can not do business like every other man, I know that without your anointing I can’t succeed, please anoint me Lord for business success.
  2. Lord Jesus, please bless the work of my hands. Let not devourer come close to my business in the name of Jesus. If you bless the work of my hands, no man or principalities can curse it. Dear Lord, please let my business flourish for I put my trust in you. You have said in your word that no one that puts their trust in you will be disappointed. Let me not be disappointed over the success of my business in Jesus’ name.
  3. Father in Jesus’ name, I seek strength for the success of my business. Lord, grant me strength for all that I need to do to secure success in my business. I need strength, not ordinary strength but strength from you oh Lord. Grant me strength that will guarantee my business success in the name of Jesus. Your word says without strength, no man will succeed, please grant me strength that I may succeed in my business in Jesus’ name.
  4. Father in Jesus’ name, please be my guide in the world of business that I may not fail but succeed. Without you being my guide, I cannot succeed. Jesus, help me for in you true success lies. Please be my guide so that I may succeed in business in Jesus’ name. Guide me through every decision and step in business so that I can succeed. Lord, please guide me into the business success in Jesus’ name.
  5. Lord Jesus, every ancestral or generational curse that may be standing against the success of my business is broken in the name of Jesus. I come by the precious blood of Jesus Christ which was shed for me on the cross. My life no longer answers to ancestral curses because I now belong to another genealogy through Jesus Christ. In this genealogy, it is success all the way. No failures and so it is for me in my business in Jesus’ name.
  6. Father, in every area where my business needs help such as finance, innovations, relationships, etc. Lord, send me help in the name of Jesus. Send me help from Zion in the name of Jesus. My business can not be a success except you help me, please Lord, help me. Help me with all that I need to succeed in business in the name of Jesus. Let help from Zion locate me in every area of my business in Jesus’ name. Grant me help in Jesus’ name!
  7. Father, help me in the choice of business partners and employees that I may do business with the right people that will enhance success in my business in the name of Jesus. Help me oh Lord to work with the right people in Jesus’ name. Grant me signs and signals when the wrong people come my way in the name of Jesus. And when the right people come to my path, Lord please help me to recognize them in the name of Jesus.
  8. Lord, I come against every power and principalities within my location that may have been dictating the destiny of other businesses. For my business, only God dictates the outcomes in Jesus’ name. And I know the outcome of every step in my business is a success because the word of the Lord says His thoughts are to give me an expected glorious end. Therefore, I cast off the hands of powers and principalities off my business in the name of Jesus.
  9. In the name of Jesus, I come against every environmental curse that may want to influence the success of my business. Over my business, they are turned into blessings in Jesus’ name. My business is of the Lord, therefore, no force or powers can work against it in Jesus’ name. The Bible says everything works together for good for them that love God and are called according to His purpose. Therefore, over my business, no environmental curse can stand in Jesus’ name.

The list of prayers for success in business cannot be exhausted. These are a few of the ones that can set you up for success in business. As you pray sincerely, I trust that the Lord will come to your rescue and grant you unique prayers that are suited for your situation. That way, you will be able to tackle the real issue that may be standing behind the success of your business.

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