Tips to Transitioning into a New Year

As the year gradually come to an end, it is important to transit into the new year successfully. Yes, I mean successfully because how you start the new year will tell if the new year will be a success at the close of the year. The year doesn’t just turn out to be a great year, it begins right from the beginning. To start the year successfully, you must have a transition plan that is well carried out. So, this piece will lead you to transition well into the new year.

How to end the year well and start a new one efficiently


As you begin to think of transitioning into a new year, you need to begin by doing an evaluation of the year that you are ending. You must have a true view of what your year looks like. But it is impossible to have this view if you do not do an evaluation. By evaluation, we mean you look back to the goals you set at the beginning of the year and see how many of the goals you were able to achieve. You also need to know why you were unable to achieve the ones you didn’t and the extent to which you achieve those that you marked achieved. 


The evaluation is not just about your goals for the year, you must evaluate every area of your life including your finances, processes, relationships, methods, etc. The goal of the evaluation is to give you a view of your examined life. A life that cannot be examined is not worth living because you won’t be able to tell whether you are progressing or not. The evaluation will help you to see if you have made true progress in all the examined areas. Please note that this is not something you can do in a hurry. It must be done carefully and objectively. 

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Well, it is certain that after evaluation you will see a lot of things that you didn’t see from a distance. You will see why things didn’t work out, and what people did to you that cost you some goals or part of the goals. At this, point as you prepare to go into a new year, it is not a time to apportion blame or fight people. That is too much energy to waste. Pour that energy into the transition into the new year. 


So, what do you do at this point? You need to forgive! Yes, you need to forgive the previous mistakes. Forgive yourself for the opportunities you lost in the ending year. Heal your wounds, if you don’t, it is difficult to be a candidate for success in the coming year. Don’t cry over spit milk because another opportunity is coming your way to make exploits.


Then, forgive all those that have offended you or caused you pain. It is an important step in your healing process. Let no grudge or unhappiness hold you back. Remember that as humans, we are bound to make mistakes and offend each other but it is important that we forgive one another to be able to move ahead and achieve results going forward. 



Now is the time to start creating your goals for the coming year. As you are transiting into the new year, you must know what you are transiting into and what exactly you want to do with the year. This is where the setting of goals comes in. Never go into a new year without stated goals of what you want to do with the year and what you want to achieve this year. 


Create goals that are realistic, measurable, specific, and with timelines. Never create a goal that doesn’t have these features because you will not be able to help yourself while trying to achieve the goals. Don’t have too many goals so that you won’t kill your zeal with the thought of plenty of work to be done. What this means is that you should not craft a goal that you are not willing to go for.



After creating goals for the year, the next thing to do is to create plans that will help you to achieve the goals. The mistake many people make is that they create goals without the plans that will bring them to pass. Goals will not jump out of the book and mind to become reality just like that. Hard work and smart work are the drivers that bring goals to pass. These two are embedded in the plans.


Have plans that will help you to take measurable actions per time. On your plans, create checks and balances to help you stay focused on the plans. Have weekly plans and monthly plans on which the daily routine will be built on. This is very essential if the incoming year will be for exploitation. All of this must be done as you transit into the new year. 



For any reason, never miss the part of prayer in transitioning into the new year. Prayer is a means by which humanity connects with divinity to achieve the result. This is called the God factor. Friend, you need the God factor if you will transit into the new year successfully and make the most of the new year. This is because it is only God that can help a man to become all that he wants to become. 


So, you need to pray to thank God for the journey so far in the year that is ending. Thank God for all opportunities and graces that you enjoy as well as everyone that God brought to your path. Then commit the coming year into God’s hands including the plans that you have at hand. Pray that God will lead you through and grant you everything that you need to make an exploit in the coming year.


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Build Your Team

At this point, the next thing you need to do ahead of the incoming year is to build your team. Yes, I mean your team. No matter how small or big your goals are, you need others to achieve the goals except if you don’t want to do anything. Now is the time to list out everyone that can help you to achieve your goals in each area where you have a goal. 


The team I am referring to here are people like mentors, colleagues, leaders, etc. As you make a list, please make plans to reach out to these people. Show them the goals you have ahead of you and share how you want to achieve the goals with the ways they will be of help. These people should be people with experience in those fields who have done what you want to do. 


Have Learning Schedule

One of the things people forget to do is to create a learning schedule for the incoming year. If your goals are good enough, they should send you to places to learn new things. If you don’t learn new things, you may never be able to achieve or make an exploit in the coming year. So as you transit to the new year, have learning schedules that state clearly what you want to learn.


It is important to make a list of all that you need to know to deliver the goals ahead of you. It is from this list that you make schedules to learn per time based on the timeline to achieve the goal. Learning is important as far as you want to make an exploit in the coming year. The learning schedule is part of what you need to transition into the new year. 


Evaluation Strategy

Never start the year without an evaluation strategy for the whole year. You need to create a schedule by which you will be evaluating your input and results per time. This may be monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. Depending on the goals and the magnitude, pick a timeline to do this and ensure you stick to it.


Deal With Your Fears

Finally, you will need to deal with your fears. Fears will not make you achieve anything. So, deal with the fears that want to keep you from achieving your goals. Everyone who made exploits had to overcome their fears at one point or the other. This transition time is the best time to deal with your fears. One great way to do this is to stay in what the word of God says and personalize it until it enters your spirit. That way, you will break off from the grip of fears. 


Finally, when the year begins, it is time to get to work fully. Some create plans and wait endlessly for someone else to do the work for them. Don’t waste time by deceiving yourself that the year just started. Get to work! This is because the days would begin to count and before you know it, weeks will start counting. So, get to work immediately as soon as the year begins.

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