Prayer Points Against Unfruitfulness/ Barrenness

Instinctively, the joy of every marriage is that a child follows after a short period. When this happens, the couple, friends, and family members believed God has been to the couple and that things are going well. Anything outside of this brings suspicion against the couple and their union. And if this childlessness tarry for too long, everything in that marriage may be threatened. As pressure heightens either from the couples themselves or friends and family, the couple must know where to run to.9 months pregnant woman

It is important to balance this that even as Christians, such couples must run every relevant known medical test to ascertain their viability, underlying medical issues, and have a true medical picture of the situation. This is a wise thing to do. It is important to use spiritual means where medical knowledge is needed. Doing so may make you tarry for long in an unpleasant situation. Sometimes, you can’t pray to a breakthrough on this matter without this kind of knowledge and this knowledge may not come by revelation too. 

Prayers where no medical issue is identified

  1. Father, in Jesus’ name, it is your will that we should be fruitful and multiply, you commanded us to be fruitful and multiply, therefore we call forth our children in Jesus’ name. Let our kids come forth in Jesus’ name. By the power mighty in the name of Jesus, we call forth our children in Jesus’ name.
  2. Father, every satanic or demonic operation causing a delay in our conception to be put at stopped in Jesus’ name. Such operations are judged in Jesus’ name. Father, irrespective of where such operations are being carried out and how they are carried out, we bring them to a halt in Jesus’ name. They shall no longer prosper in Jesus’ name. 
  3. Father in Jesus, please visit my home in Jesus’ name. I know that one visitation is enough to settle my childlessness. I have heard you visiting many with children, let my own too come in Jesus’ name. I want to give thanks to you among the people in the congregation. Please visit my home and bless us with our kids in Jesus’ name. 
  4. Jesus, we bring the powers, principalities, and individuals that may be behind demonic operations causing a delay in conception in our family right before you in Jesus’ name. Let every force or power causing a delay in our conception to be brought to naught over our lives and marriage in Jesus’ name. Father judge all such evil spirits and individuals in Jesus’ name. 
  5. Father in Jesus’ name, childlessness caused as a result of curses and other spiritual issues, Jesus please intervene. Now is the time Lord, have mercy on us and intervene in Jesus’ name. Whatever the issue is or was that may have brought this in our marriage, Jesus please settle it with your blood. In as much as it is not your will for anyone to be barren, please visit us in Jesus’ name.
  6. Father in the name of Jesus Christ, touch every part of our reproductive systems and let them bring forth in Jesus’ name. Let them begin to function to capacity in Jesus’ name. Just a touch is enough oh Lord, touch the reproductive systems and all will be settled. Let our body systems align to bring forth our children in Jesus’ name. 
  7. Father, just as Hannah prayed, I pray today oh Lord that if you grant me a child, I will return him to you back oh Lord. He will serve you all the days of life. I will bring him up in your ways to know you, serve you and be an instrument in your hand in Jesus’ name. Father, please grant my request in Jesus’ name. 

Prayer where a medical issue is Identified

  1. Jesus, you are the great physician, here is what the medical report is saying, let there be divine healing in every of these body parts in Jesus’ name. Let the healing be profound in Jesus’ name. Jesus, please touch everything in these identified areas and let there be healing. Just bring an end to this childlessness in Jesus’ name. 
  2. Jesus, where our delay in conception is caused by medical issues that result from our reckless living of the past, please have mercy. You say that in time of ignorance you will forgive oh Lord, please have mercy and let there be a supernatural turnaround in Jesus’ name. Jesus, let there be a visitation in Jesus’ name.
  3. Father in Jesus’ name, the medical report of men can not supersede your report. You have said we will not be barren in your word. Therefore manifest your world in our lives in Jesus, name. You have spoken it and we are certain that you do not lie, manifest your word over our lives in Jesus’ name.
  4. Father, as we go through the prescribed treatment, let there be a manifestation of your power in the reproductive organs and systems in our bodies in Jesus’ name. If you do not heal us, no amount of drugs can, please lay your healing hands on every affected area in Jesus’ name. We rely on your healing Lord, without it nothing can happen. Please heal us in Jesus’ name. 
  5. When praying for conception, it is important that couples pray in unity of mind and purpose. They must agree and their home must be free of conflict at all times. This is because there is a certain atmosphere that must be maintained in the home to aid their answers. And without mincing words, both partners must learn to encourage each other and pray for each other sincerely. Remember that Isaac prayed to the Lord for his wife and the Lord heard him. This is key to the success of this prayer.

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Lastly, it is worthy of note that you can as well pray the above-listed prayer points for people. Lift them up in prayer with the whole of your heart. Whether or not they know that you are praying for them is not significant, just make sure you are praying for them sincerely. You can add other prayers as the Lord leads and direct you. 

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