Prayers for Wealth Transfer to Your Life

Wealth transfer is not a new concept in humanity. It is about getting wealth converted to you in a supernatural way. In this case, it is via prayers.

Lots of Christians trend on the wrong path to wealth transfer. They think people will die or leave their wealth behind while they simply inherit it. Wealth transfer even though it is through supernatural means, is not a lazy way to acquire wealth.

prayer points for wealth and prosperity

What then is wealth transfer? Wealth transfer is a way to acquire riches. It means getting riches moved to you. This is not about stealing or demonic operations to acquire wealth. It is about balancing your hard work with prayers for results. In this piece, we are concerned about raising prayer points for wealth transfer. So, if this is your concern, you are reading the right piece. Here are the prayer points to pray through;

Prayer Points for Wealth Transfer and  Scriptures

  1. Father, your word in Isaiah 60:5 says the abundance of the sea shall be converted to me. Therefore, in accordance with your word which is ever true, let blessings be turned over into me in the name of Jesus. Blessings from the abundance of the riches of the sea are sent unto me in all ramifications in the name of Jesus. In as much as no one can count the waters of the sea, let my blessings be uncountable in the name of Jesus.
  2. The ending part of Isaiah 60:5 says the forces of gentiles shall come unto me. Even Isaiah 61:6 says I will eat the riches of the gentiles. Lord, these are your words and they can’t be doubted because you lie not. Therefore, let this be my experience in the name of Jesus. Where I stand with the gentiles in the marketplace, let their riches be used to promote and increase mine in the name of Jesus. 
  3. Lord Jesus, the same way you substituted the Egyptians for the children of Israel at the red sea, let everyone committed to making me poor be substituted in my place in the name of Jesus. Father, you substituted the lives of the Egyptians for that of the Israelites. Failure is substituted for success everywhere I am expected to fail in the name of Jesus.
  4. Father, I pray that you help me to convert things to wealth in the same way you helped King Uzziah in 2 Chronicles 26. In verse 15, the Bible says he was marvelously helped until he was strong. Lord, the same way you helped him to make great inventions in his days, Lord be my help in this current time. Help me with the creativity to convert all that I have to great wealth in the name of Jesus.
  5. Father, your word in Proverbs 28:8 says he that gathers wealth through interests and profits, gathers it for the one that will be generous to the poor. Lord, that is me whom you have called to bless the poor and finance the kingdom project. Therefore, I call for provision from different angles and places in the name of Jesus. That I may fulfill my ministry and bless lives you have attached to my ministry in the name of Jesus. 
  6. Father, your word says you will take wealth from those that are not faithful and true riches will not be committed to them (Luke 16:10-11). Lord, here I am and I promise to be well committed to your provision for kingdom purpose and to bless people. Lord, let me be a channel of blessing to others in the name of Jesus. Here I am Lord, please bless me to bless people in the name of Jesus.
  7. Father, I ask that you grant me wisdom to act wisely among men so that I may win more blessings in the name of Jesus. The Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct, Lord please grant me wisdom so that I can be profitable in my decisions and actions in the name of Jesus. Lord, without wisdom, I can’t get wealth transfer and manage wealth because wealth does have wings to fly away from places where it is not well managed. Please help me in the name of Jesus. 
  8. Lord, your word says blessed be God who art blessed us with all spiritual blessings in the heavenly places. Please help me with spiritual insight and initiative to convert the spiritual blessings to physical blessings we use here on earth in the name of Jesus. I know I am blessed by the Lord, please help me to convert the blessings to things that will showcase your glory here on earth in the name of Jesus. 
  9. Lord, I pray that you grant me discernment to know the times and seasons in the name of Jesus. So that when seasons open up in the spirit I can catch up with the tide of the Spirit so that I won’t miss the sharing in the spirit. Saul missed from it and David got what he missed. The prophet Samuel said the kingdom was taken away from him and given to one better than him. Lord, at times of spiritual exchange, let me not miss out and lose my portion to someone else in the name of Jesus.
  10. Father, I recover all wealth that has been taken away from me in the name of Jesus. Grant me all that I need to recover everything that has been taken away from me in the name of Jesus. Isaac told Esau that when he becomes powerful, he will be able to break off from the yoke that transferred his blessings to his brother. Lord, grant me all that I need to take back all that has been taken from me in the name of Jesus.

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These prayer points and many others can be used to acquire wealth from the window of wealth transfers going on. You need to wake up and pray as though you will never pray again. It is time to rise up and pursue the wealth transfer with all you have you got within you because the season is changing and you cannot afford to be left out. 

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